The Love Story of Creation - Book One
by Edward Ruetz
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Book Two


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The Creative Adventures of

God, Quarkie, Photie and

Their Atom Friends


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Edward J. Ruetz


February 21, 2012


Dear Friend of our Universe and our Planet Earth:


“Where do you live at this present time, my Friend?” If you responded by giving me the name of your hometown, state, country and planet, you would answer right. But …your response would be incomplete!


Look below and see the illustration of the Milky Way Galaxy. Then search for our Sun on the Cygnus Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. You and I live in the solar system of our Sun. Traveling at the speed of 186,000 miles per second it would take us 30,000 light years to reach the center of our Galaxy. Yet, our Galaxy is one of over hundreds of billions of galaxies, some bigger, some smaller, in our Universe. Stupendous!


I have written this midrashic novel, The Love Story of Creation—Book One, in order to help you and me to understand how we ended up living on our Milky Way Galaxy in 2012. It is written especially for young people to help them understand that they can accept both belief in God and the 15 billion years of the scientific story of evolution!


In the The Love Story of Creation—Book One the author awakens from a 15 billion year (by) vision of the creation and evolution of the universe. He describes the Divine Beings in their celestial realm projecting their dynamic, infinite love energy to birth our Universe. In the first moment of creation the Divine Beings empower the first quarks, photons and atoms to evolve our expanding Universe. Over 10.4 by the atom families create and evolve nebulae, suns, supernovae, galaxies, and finally, our Earth in a solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy. Later, about 3.6 billion years ago (bya) on planet Earth, with the Divine Being Ruah’s vivification, they create life from non life, bacteria, later, cells, then multicellular life leading to the evolution of vegetative, animal and human life. Through all of this spacetime the Divine Beings live in intimate contact with the atom characters, encouraging and energizing them, but not directing their creativity. About 1.5 bya Book One ends with the creation, by symbiosis, of the first eukaryote cell. This development is important because all multicellular life, flora and fauna which includes homo sapiens, consists entirely of eukaryote cells. Book Two will tell the story of the last 1.5 billion years of creation history up to the present. This is the Age of the Eularyote Cell.


Book Two begins with Preface II (which outlines the theology embedded in the two Books), the biblical world view and a Timeline of the 15 billion years of creation history equated to a 365 days/year.

I hope you enjoy reading The Adventures of God, Quarkie, Photie and Friends as they create and evolve our stupendous Universe and our blue, green, brown planet Earth!




Edward J. Ruetz


The Milky Way






           “Can something be created out of nothing?” Physicist Paul Davies muses. He continues: “What caused space to suddenly appear in the big bang? Singularity?...Can  something happen without a prior action, or any rational cause?” (Davies, Ted. God and the New Physics, New York: Simon and Schuster, Inc.,  1983, p. 34)


            “Singularity?” What is Singularity? Singularity is a point, called the Planck Point,  less than the size of an atom, present in a  miniscule part of the first second of creation history.  Scientists claim that all the mass and energy, including the electrical forces of gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong forces, presently in our gigantic evolved universe, under almost infinite density, temperature and pressure, were present in this point of Singularity. (Peters, Ted—Ed., Cosmos as Creation, Nashville, TN: Abington Press,  1989, p. 119-120)


          In his book, From the Big Bang to the  Big Brain, John Dervin, Phd., a clinical psychologist who had a long career in the high tech world of Silicon Valley,   speculates about what possibly happened on the far side of the Planck Point:

One way to think of this is that in  the beginning there was a powerful and creative Spirit that chose to combine the essence of Spirituality with its complete opposite, matter. This act took the form of a point of high material density known as the Singularity. Within the Singularity, there was a compounding of matter with energy (Spirit). Thus, spiritual energy became intrinsic with the material substance of the Singularity. (Dervin, John. From the Big Bang to the Big Brain, 1st Edition, Haverford, PA: Infinity Publishing Co, 2003, p. 177) 

          My book develops a different scenario concerning  this dynamic  energy (Spirit) and matter, before and after the Planck Point. But let me give a preface to my scenario.


          “Can something be created out of nothing?...Can something happen without a prior action, or any rational cause?” The Love Story of Creation—Book One portrays this Singularity being the dynamic infinite love energy of a mysterious God sent forth from  the far side of the Planck Point,  to originate the creation and evolution of the universe. This infinite energy of love, this Singularity, bursts forth to give birth to our universe. This infinite love possessed all the energetic power to contain all the evolving mass and energy now present in the universe—the trillion galaxies, with their quadrillion upon quadrillion suns, including our sun and planetary system. So the creation of our universe, I intuit, did not come out of nothing. The mysterious God, who was from all ever, was present to birth our universe.  Thus, God’s infinite divine energy of love was the “prior action” and “rational cause” of the creation and evolution of our universe.


          Who is this God who is the “cause” of the creation and evolution of our universe? God is mystery, completely indefinable, indescribable, incomprehensible. Some theologians use metaphors to attempt to define God, such as, the Ground of all being, the completely Other. But these are futile attempts to describe the Mystery who is God. The Hebrew and New Testament Scriptures use anthropomorphisms and  human analogies in describing God—God is a Father, a Mother, a King, infinite Love, a Shepherd, or a Creator. Immediately, we need to deny such titles and affirm that the mysterious God is so much more profound than any of these words can convey. I believe that the best, though still very inadequate definition, comes from the Apostle John in his first epistle: “God is Love” (1 John 4, 16). Again, the God who is Love is so much more ineffable than this simple definition. In the end, I can only affirm in faith that this God, who is profound Mystery, exists. Furthermore, I deeply affirm that this mysterious God, in whom I believe, is a relational God.          


          Who was the immediate source of this infinite energy of love packed tightly in this Singularity?  In the Preface to Book One  I discussed this mysterious Godhead being a Divine Quaternity of Beings, Elohim, Sophia, Dabar and Ruah (all of these names come from the Hebrew and New Testament Scriptures), as being four distinct inflections of  One God. Ruah, the Spirit, was the source of this infinite energy of love present in that Singularity. (Johnson, Elizabeth. Quest for the Living God, New York: Continuum International Publishing Group Inc., 2007, p. 215-216)  


         As I wrote in the Preface of Book One it is not that I disbelieve in a Trinity of Divine Persons (the traditional Christian theology) but I am claiming my writer’s privilege to use fantasy  in my creative, midrashic tale. The Oxford Dictionary of Jewish Religion defines midrash.


Midrash…denotes the literature that interprets scripture in order to extract its full implications and meaning. Frequently the rabbis allowed themselves to indulge in far-fetched interpretations and narratives that was clearly intended to delight the fancy as well as instruct. (Werblowsky, R. J. Zwi, and Wigoder, Geoffrey, Editors. The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, New York/ Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997, p. 463).


          In addition, since I was describing the birthing of our universe, and not its beginning as a “big bang,” I needed to have a Godhead consisting of a Father and Mother, Elohim and Sophia. This is the reason for my choice. 


           So, I posit this mysterious God, as a Quaternity, as the origin of our universe. Can the scientists criticize my audacity in placing God on the far side of the Planck Point to initiate the creation of the universe? I feel justified in doing so. Science is mystified in trying to understand what happened on that far side of the Planck Point. In fact, one of the purposes of building and operating the seventeen mile cyclotron at Cern, Switzerland is to try to discover what lies on the far side of the Planck Point. If Science does not occupy this “territory” I feel justified in positing that the Godhead was there, from all ever, initiating the birth of the universe through the infinite energy of divine love.


          Dervin delineates three crucial moments in the creation history of fifteen billion years (by) where   science has been baffled as to how certain  events took place:

…(T)he mystery of major interest is the origin of the Big Bang and how it managed to jump-start the universe.  Others find the transformation of inanimate matter from non-life to life the most compelling of mysteries. And there are those whose curiosity focuses on the arrival of big brained humans on planet earth…the enigma most compelling is the question of how, and particularly why, consciousness has arisen in human beings. (Ibid, 1st Edition, Dervin, 2003, p. 171) 

          Book One addresses the first mystery, the origin of the Big Bang and the second one, the transformation of non-life to life. Book Two will take up the third mystery, how and why  consciousness has arisen in human beings.                        


          In my midrashic novel when the divine energy of love births forth the universe and creates the first particles and packages of energy, quarks and photons, and a short time later, atoms, the Divine Beings empower all of the quarks, photons  and atoms to create this expanding, evolving universe. (Some scientists hold that these newly created particles and photons were endowed with a rudimentary consciousness from the time of their creation. Read below about the recent expansion of the concept of “rudimentary consciousness” by some scientists.) The Divine Beings remain  in close contact with all the quark, photon and atom families in the universe  “relating intimately with them.” They are dynamically energized and inspired in their creative activities by the divine energy of love radiated by the Spirit, Ruah. Yet, the Divine Beings do not predetermine, or directly  control their creativity.


         In an interview in Science and Theology News Father George Coyne SJ, director of the Vatican Observatory outside of Rome for over 25 years, responded to questions by its editor concerning these self-creating activities of the quark, atom and photon families in relation to his faith in God:


…(D)id God predetermine everything that would happen in the universe? My answer is no, because it doesn’t fit the science. The universe has evolved through both chance and necessary processes with a great opportunity to…bring about the universe with life in it. So, if it’s that kind of universe, that says something about the God who made it… I believe that God is working with the universe, but I accept, from my scientific knowledge, the God who doesn’t predetermine and necessitate but allows the universe to have a certain creativity. (Science and Theology News, September 2004, p. 18) 

         Much of the theology of Book One is embedded in the story.  For example, although the Divine Beings in my novel interrelate constantly with my twelve atom characters, the book presupposes that the Divine Beings, inflections of the one mysterious God, are interrelating at the same time with all the atom families in all of the distant areas of the immense universe. In addition, it is their ubiquitous divine love energy that permeates the immensity of the universe and energizes and inspires but does not predetermine and control all the creative activities of the atom families.


         This ubiquity of the Godhead, the Quadernity of Divine Beings, and their divine energy of love which bathes and energizes the immensity of the Universe,  our solar system and planet Earth, is called panentheism (all-in-God). It differs   significantly from pantheism (all is God).


          During the intervening fifteen years since I began writing my books science has been developing new theoretic explanations as to how the Earth, since its origin, was ultimately able to evolve the immense complexities that has led presently to big-brained homo sapiens. Some of these new developments in science were not available to me as I wrote and published Book One in 2010. So I would like to give a brief overview of these new developments.


          In his new book, Intelligence Rising, John Dervin notes a radical change in how science comprehends the dynamic process of evolution that has led to the immense natural complexities we observe in our universe, on our earth and in organisms and our human brain. 


Several centuries ago, the pronouncements of Descartes and the laws of Newton ushered in an era in which the human perception of reality became dominated by physics and materialism. Since that time the main focus of our attention has been on the physical objects of everyday life and how they could be manipulated or acquired. Because of the mindset for materialism and the overwhelming  influence of Darwin’s revelations, biological evolution is explained by chemical and physical events. 

          Dervin then contrasts the above  explanation of creative evolution with a recently developed school of thought.

Recently, there has been a reawakening of two rather old schools of thought. Western process thinking and Eastern Taoism each speak of a flowing nature to the world and a more fundamental reality that underlies the material perception of the world.....Recently, science has uncovered the self-regulating, self-organizing, self-enhancing properties of open-ended, chaotic systems and now even hard-nosed scientists are seeing far-reaching implications garnered from another world beyond the material one.  (Dervin, John, Intelligence Rising, iUniverse, Bloomington, IN, 2010, p. 81)


          Dervin points to the development of open, self-creative systems thinking, chaos theory, entropy and quantum mechanics theory.  The latter theory gave the greatest impetus to this new school of thought. In 1924 Neils Bohr. Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg  and other physicists discovered the Indefinte Principle, the indefiniteness of the microcosm of the universe. Namely, when they looked into their microscope for a particle (mass) they discovered a wave (energy), and when they looked for a wave (energy) they found a particle (mass). Not only  was the microcosm of atoms’ world indefinite but the universe was saturated with quantum energy. In fact, the quantum energy fields permeate  all space where ninety-four percent of  weight of the universe, made up of mysterious, hidden dark matter and dark energy, dwell. Scientists  already knew that in the beginning of the universe, in the first nanoseconds, energy became mass and mass became energy.


           Dervin utilizes some of our own human experiences to show the pervasiveness of energy in our universe, and especially, on our earth.


This process of acquiring information from the universe via the brain…is not entirely dissimilar from how a television set receives electromagnetic waves from a broadcast tower and transforms these waves into a picture on the screen…Our senses are capable of receiving only waves. We see only light waves and then interpret them in colors and forms. The brain can build images and pictures only because of the ncoming waves are encoded with information. This means that at its most fundamental level, the universe and the world we see are simply waveforms carrying information. (Ibid, Dervin, 2010, p. 178)


So the waveforms of the ubiquitous quantum field energy carry information for the self-creation of the universe by quarks, photons, atoms and molecules, and on our earth ultimately to our human brain.                       


          Some scientists posit that there is “another world beyond the material one” and in intimate touch with the latter. It is a spiritual world of cosmic energy. They began to understand that in the first moment of the universe a matrix of intelligence was created. This conscious cosmic energy was available to first quarks, atoms, later molecules. It afforded them a template of cosmic intelligence to draw upon in their self-creating activities. This cosmic energy was communicated to the new beings through the ubiquitous quantum fields of energy that saturated  the universe, and later, our solar system and earth.


          Some of the creative principles of Darwinian evolution, natural selection, random mutations and chance were present to the self-creative, evolutionary process. So the quarks, atoms and molecules had a cosmic intelligence to tap into through the quantum energy fields in the immense space of  the universe but also the quantum energy fields within their atomic and photonic beings. They also had to deal with the principles of Darwinian evolution in relation to this template of cosmic intelligence in making choices in their self-creative journey.


          Dervin summaries this “world beyond the material one.”


The essence of the cosmos is intelligence. The cosmic quantum energy reality acts as the infrastructure supporting development of the universe and generating the intelligence from which life and mind flow..... The human brain has succeeded in capturing a small slice of this colossal intelligence. (Ibid, Dervin, 2010, p. 159)


           In an article in the book, Back to Darwin, the physicist, Dr. Howard Van Till, developed a similar theory of the endowment of the Universe with a source of  knowledge and physical constants, like the speed of light,  universal gravitational constant, fine structure constant, etc.


I call (it)…..the Right Stuff Universe Principle (RSUP) -- the universe has the ‘right stuff’ to make the natural evolution of atoms, stars, starfish, and human stargazers possible. (Cobb Jr., John B., Editor, Back to Darwin, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, MI, 2008, p. 355) 

Van Till’s theory speaks in terms of  knowledge and constants, but does not develop a theory as to how this “right stuff” or knowlege is communicated.


          Dervin attempts to give a name to  the “creator”   of this matrix of intelligence, this template of cosmic intelligence available to the quarks, atoms and molecules in their self-creative activities.


As the recent stranglehold of materialism over the world thought wanes, we are slowly returning to the wisdom of Aristotle by recognizing that a strict materialist interpretation of what is  happening in the universe is incomplete.  A full explanation requires something beyond random activity in matter. Call that explanation what you may—the Matrix, Energy, Spirit, Intelligence, Natural Law—there seems to be some intangible force throughout the universe putting matter together in quite intricate manner, and surprisingly one that is intelligible to us. (Ibid, Dervin, 2010, p. 105)

          I believe this  “creator” of this template of cosmic intelligence  is the Divine Godhead. When the “singularity,” which has its origin in the infinite divine love of the Godhead, births forth to create  our universe it contains this template of cosmic intelligence and quantum energy fields which inform the universe and our earth.    


          As the atom characters, Quarkie, Photie and their Friends, and all the atom families in the expanding universe begin their creative activities they interrelate continuously with the template of cosmic intelligence and the Divine Beings . After their creation of protons, then atoms, nebulae, galaxies, the first sun and first supernovae, the Divine Beings take the Atom Friends back-to-the-past to observe the birthing of the universe and their own creative activities. Since the atom characters are very tiny beings living in the microcosm of the universe (you would need the most powerful electron microscope to possibly observe them)  the Divine Beings take them back to the past to observe the macrocosm of the evolving  universe. On these frequent journeys the Divine Beings introduce them to other members of the atom families involved in these same creative activities all over the vast universe.    


          Using the midrashic-genre writer’s privilege in my novel, 10.4 billion years into creative history (byich) or 4.6 billion years ago (bya) I am able to  situate my atom characters strategically near the end of the Cygnus Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. About 4.6 bya, when a nearby supernova explodes sending massive debris into the nearby space, ultimately forming the nine planets of our solar system, the atom friends end up very close to where planet Earth begins to form.


         Approximately 3.6 bya the atom characters are involved  in the second mysterious development—the evolution from non-life to life. Just prior to this evolution of biological life the atom characters are nestled in the waters near the shore of a sea. Using the cosmic intelligence, mediated by the quantum energy fields, along with random mutations and natural selection, the atom characters develop  a long line of atoms, molecules and  rudimentary RNA. Ruah vivifies their creation. The first living being, a prokaryote bacterium, Proyke One, springs into existence. 


          Just as in the beginning of the universe, science has been mystified as to what happened on the far side of the Planck Point, I believe  the mysterious God  was there  as Creator or Origin of the universe. In the same way, although science has known all the five or six atom ingredients that make up the first primordial living beings they have been unable to create life in the laboratory. At this  moment of creative history, I believe deeply that  I am able to intrude Ruah to vivify the chemicals that the atom families had put together in their watery clay nest to give life to Prokye One. I also believe this being is the most distant living relative of homo sapiens!


          The twelve atom friends’ next creative venture is to improve  the prokaryote bacterium. Splitting up into four teams they labor gradually over 2 by to create a new being by symbiosis. They again utilize the cosmic intelligence, natural selection and random mutations in their creative endeavors. Team One is able to evolve a larger bacterium which nestled its genetic helix within a newly created nucleus membrane. In the meantime, Teams Two, Three and Four evolve bacteria with innovations, a more dynamic, efficient mitochondria or power system, the process of photosynthesis which evolves a new bacterium creation which is able to capture the rays of the sun and convert them into energy,  and the development of an exterior flagella or tail to move the bacterium. By symbiosis they invade the larger prokaryote and bring their innovations to this new entity, transferring  the  DNA of their inventions to the genetic helix of its evolved  nucleus.  Thus, their creative genius produces a new being, a eukaryote cell, about 1.5 bya. Again, using the literary genre of midrash I am able to have all my twelve atom friends end up in the first evolved eukaryote cell, Eukarye One.      


          Book One ends with this momentous creation. The atom friends  complain to the Divine Beings that they are exhausted. They have labored for 13.5 by. It was time for a long rest. Photie and Quarko attempt to rally them to continue their creative activities. The majority of the atom friends refuse to continue their creativity. Photie and Quarko are frustrated!


           I emphasize the creation and evolution of the eukaryote cell at  the end of  Book One for good reason. The remaining 1.5 by up to our present post-modern age will be the Age of the Eukaryote Cell because all future flora and fauna, including humans, are composed entirely of eukaryote cells.


          Book Two begins by recounting how Photie and Quarko are able to successfully rally their atom friends to continue their creative journey.


          Subsequently, before they recommence their creative, evolutionary mission, the Divine Beings take them back-to-the-past to revisit some of their epic creative activities. On their return from this journey they decide to keep their four teams intact and to once again resume  their creative activities. Again, they will utilize the template of  cosmic intelligence mediated by the quantum energy fields, along with natural selection, random mutations and  chance.


          As it has been since the beginning of their creative journey the Divine Beings are close by, energizing and inspiring, but not controlling  them in their creative journey.


          About 1 bya Team Two creates meiosis or the coming together of  male and female eukaryote cells to evolve an offspring with a combination of genes from both cells.


          For approximately one  billion years the four teams of  atom friends struggle to  create multicellular life. About 630 million years ago (mya) they finally master the problem of how to “glue” these eukaryote cells together and evolve the first multicellular life, sponges and jellyfish. Using their template of cosmic intelligence they develop a tool-kit of genes, such as Hox proteins, Pax-6 and other master body builders, cell-type regulators,  Hedgehog and other signaling proteins, cellular receptors, hormones, coloration proteins, and other DNA binding proteins. (Carroll, Sean B, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, New York: W.W. Norton & Company Inc., 2005, p. 75)


          It is from this multicellular eukaryote cell life that all flora and fauna, including human beings, will be evolved over the next 630 million years (my). All of these creative activities continue to take place in the waters of the ponds, rivers, seas  and oceans. The colonization of first, flora, on dry land, and a little later, fauna, happens about 200 million years  into the future, or about 400 mya.


          In addition, all of these events are happening as the continental tectonic plates continue their constant movement which recycles the plates by subduction  and renews them by volcanic activity. The oxygen/nitrogen level is stabilizing in the atmosphere and the climate is in continual flux.


          After the climatic period of  “snowball earth” about 600 mya which slowed down creativity for about 60 my  there is an explosion of creativity about 540 mya during the Cambrian Epoch. First, the flatworm, creating tissue and a bilateral body form with two membranes,  evolves with one of the membranes containing all the very  rudimentary organs, eyes, ears, mouth spinal cord, neural, heart,  circulatory, breathing, digestive  and excretory  systems. The bilateral roundworm, developing three membranes and a better body cavity, evolves. The tool-kit of genes evolve more sophisticated  senses and improved organ systems, bodily segmentation and a skeletal framework. From these primitive creatures multitudes of  new aquatic species evolve over  the next 100 my. In addition, the atom team members evolve additions and improvements to their toolkit of genes.


          Over the next 440 my there is a rhythm of great proliferation of flora and fauna life punctuated by periodic  catastrophes. When these natural disasters, such as the Ordovician catastrophe (440 mya),  Devonian catastrophe (370 mya), Permian extinction (245 mya) and the Cretaceous or K/T extinction (65 mya) kill off sometimes fifty to ninety percent of marine flora and fauna, and later earthbound flora and fauna, the creative atom families use these empty evolutionary niches, left by the devastation, to evolve new forms of flora and fauna. About 400 mya  some of the flora and fauna evolve and crawl up onto the dry land and learn how to survive there.  


          The creative atom families all over the Earth, with the development and use of the tool-kit of genes, mediated by the template of cosmic intelligence, natural selection and random mutations,  find new avenues for the evolution of flora and fauna.  After the catastrophes the   new, empty evolutionary niches are utilized by the atom families for the creation of new bodily forms to evolve new species of flora and fauna on the land and in the sea. All of these events are happening during tectonic plate movement and  periodic dramatic changes in climate in various parts of the earth. About 220 mya the super continent of Pangea connects most of the major continental tectonic plates, allowing many species of fauna to migrate to almost all of the major continental tectonic plates.


          Following the Permian extinction (245 mya) the atom families begin to fill the empty fauna niches with much larger creatures. It is the age of the dinosaurs which lasted almost 200 my. Toward the end of the reign of the dinosaurs small species of fauna, called mammals, evolve. When the K/T extinction happens the larger dinosaur species are exterminated. The smaller mammals, who live in holes in the ground, survive the catastrophe. Out of these creatures all of our present fauna life, including homo sapiens,  evolve.


          All through these periods of evolutionary developments the Divine Beings are present to the atom characters with their love energy and encouragement. The atom families are utilizing the template of cosmic intelligence, natural selection, random mutations and chance in their creative activities.           


          About 5 mya a major evolutionary event happens. From the chimpanzee community the atom families evolve a species of primitive hominids. During the succeeding millions of years these hominids evolve  a larger and larger brain. Gradually they lose the hair on their bodies, begin to stand more and  more erect, develop the ability to generate fires, crude tools and clothes to cover their hairless bodies. These exciting events culminate in the evolution of homo sapiens, a big brained mammal.


          The breakthrough to human life happens about 50 thousand years ago (tya) in the southern and eastern portion of the continent  of Africa where homo sapiens acquires a consciousness.


          John Dervin writes about that “third and last moment of mystery” in the creation story,  human consciousness. He points out that human consciousness still remains a deep mystery. He quotes from The International Dictionary of Psychology.


The having of perceptions, thoughts and feelings.  Awareness. The term is impossible to define, except in terms that are unintelligible without a grasp of what consciousness means…Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon: it is impossible to specify what it is, what it does, or why it evolved.  (Ibid, Dervin, 1st Edition, 2003, p. 149) 

          The author distinguishes two schools of thought on the source of human consciousness, the Monists and the Dualists.          

A Monist would claim that a material system like the brain can establish neuronal firing patterns capable of creating intelligence and consciousness. 

A Dualist understands consciousness as an immaterial quality pervading the universe and independent of the material world. This entity…(force field, intelligence, energy force, divinity) in some way makes itself available to brains when they are sufficiently complex and well organized. (Ibid, Dervin, 1st Edition, 2003, p. 148)


          In his conclusion Dervin calls himself neither Monist nor Dualist. He attempts to unify the two schools of thought. He observes the Process of  continuing evolution since the beginning of spacetime and its manifestation in the Process working through the development of the brain leading to consciousness. He writes.

Once a certain threshold of organized complexity in the material of the brain was reached, consciousness appeared and continues even now to follow the developmental rules of the Process…This Process has come to be known by many names: Creator, God, the Great Spirit, Superconsciousness, the Force, a Universal Energy field, Evolution, etc. (Ibid, Dervin, 1st Edition, 2003, p. 176) 

          Dervin brings together the first mysterious moment, Singularity, with the third mysterious moment, consciousness. He concludes (a repetition of a previous quotation):          

One way to think of this is that in the beginning  was a powerful and creative Spirit that chose to combine the essence of Spirituality with its complete opposite, matter. This act took the form of a point of high material density known as the Singularity. Within the Singularity, there was compounding of matter and energy (Spirit). Thus, spiritual energy became intrinsic with the material substance of the Singularity.

From the earliest of human times, this organization Process has pursued development in the brain. It slowly formed neuronal pathways until at some point in the history of human evolution, consciousness moved beyond its dim beginnings and humanity achieved an awareness of its spiritual nature. (Ibid, Dervin, 2003,  1st Edition, p. 177-178)


The “Process,” Dervin mentions, probably has its origin in the template of cosmic intelligence.          


          In Book II Ruah will act in this third mysterious moment about which Dervin is quoted above. About 50 tya, at the time of the evolutionary breakthrough to a big brained human being, Ruah (Spirit) vivifies and energizes, through her divine energy of love, humans to gradually develop a spiritual ability, consciousness. The latter continues to evolve as the evolutionary Process proceeds. This growth in human consciousness is manifested in humans’ growth in the areas of language, music and societal and cultural advances.           


          It took approximately  10 thousand years (ty), or 40 tya, to develop a language, probably using verbal clicks. Language communication allows them to develop a better community life. Music evolves about 30 tya. Approximately 25 tya small groups of humans set out from southern and eastern Africa to explore the earth. During the next 10 ty they migrate to all of the continents of the earth. They begin to settle in small villages and towns about 10 tya. Gradually, they domesticate some species of flora and  fauna. Humans slowly spread out over all the continents and evolve differing languages in building their cultural, social and political societies. This organizational structure helps humans to continue to enrich their societies with better qualities of life.                     


          Historians write about an axial  change in human society about 2500 years ago (ya), the development of differing religions beliefs in various areas of the earth. Among those that begin at this time are Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, the  Greek Philosophers and rise of Judaism.


          In Book Two when we come to the birth of Jesus 2000 ya the Divine Beings  merely mention his name to the Atom Friends when the latter are taken on a journey-into-the-future to observe the development of the human race and human societies over the past 40 ty. The Quaternity also point out to their Atom Friends the birth and life of Mohammed and the religion of Islam about 1400 ya, and its growth. The journey-into-the-future  brings them up to the present time.


          Some might wonder why Dabar, the inflected Son of Sophia and Elohim, does not tell the Atom Friends that he assumed a complete humanity and lived on earth in  the person of Jesus for about thirty three years. I  decided not to cloud the purpose of this book by such a digression. The chief purpose of The Love Story of Creation—Book One and Book Two is to trace the 15 byich with God originating and creating the universe, and later, the evolution of our solar system and our planet Earth in order to help young adults to come to realize that they can believe in God and still accept the scientific story of creation. Today, many young people feel that they need to choose between believing in God or accepting the scientific story of an evolving creation. I believe that my midrashic novel gives them the hope that they can accept both of them, their religious belief in God and the evolutionary story of creation.


          Toward the end of Intelligence Rising Dervin discusses the human persons’ need for openness and the ability to assimilate change. 

Dogmatism can infect the thinking of layman, philosophers, and scientists alike, as when Darwinists reject the intention in the making of life. Likewise, the religionist who shuns the findings of science limits possibilities  for new and more accurate knowledge of the world. So does the scientist  who remains fixed upon a particular agenda. In a display of openness to new truths about the world, the Dalai Lama has instructed his followers  that when science provides conclusive data that contradicts one of their beliefs, then that belief should  be discarded. Remaining open and receptive to the test of new ideas is critical. New intellectual growth will not come to a locked-in mindset focused on a dogma that claims a certain theory or belief cannot possibly be wrong. Willingness to assimilate new information is key to the promotion of scientific, cultural, and personal growth. (Ibid, Dervin, 2010, p. 168)

          In writing my books, as a Christian believer, I have attempted   to be “open and receptive to test new ideas”…and thus, promote “scientific, cultural, and personal growth.” I believe that the truths of science do not threaten my Christian belief. All truth is of God!      


          During the past fifteen years of researching and  writing  The Love Story of Creation—Book One and Book Two I have come to understand most profoundly my own relationship to the fifteen billion year creation story, my origin in the Loving Godhead (the Divine Beings) who lives from all ever, the evolution of the universe, and much later,  the evolution of my home planet Earth.              


          In the minute part of the first second of creation history, the Planck Point,  I was virtually (which includes a sense of “really”) present in that very tiny point of Singularity. This Singularity, scientists theorize, consisted of pure energy under almost infinite pressure, temperature and density. It contained, in potency, all the mass, energy  and mysterious dark energy and dark mass  and all the four electrical forces that would end up in the hundreds of billions of galaxies, their quadrillion upon quadrillion suns (stars) and the unfathomable empty black space of our magnificent universe. My person, elements that make up my body and my consciousness, were virtually present  in that infinitesimal point of Singularity which, I deeply believe, was truly and really the emanation of the infinite divine love energy projected by the Godhead! Amazing!


          I was virtually present when the Loving Godhead birthed  space-time and the expanding universe, and immediately thereafter, empowered the first creations, quarks, photons, atoms, and later atom families, to create and evolve  the universe with the assistance of the matrix of comic intelligence.


          Over the next 10.4 billion years of creativity  I was virtually present as the atom families, energized, inspired but  not directed by the all pervasive love energy of the ever present Godhead, created hundreds of billions of galaxies filled with quadrillion upon quadrillion of suns (stars) and numerous exploding supernovae.


          About 10.4 byich or 4.6 bya in the Milky Way Galaxy I was virtually present at the birth of our solar system and  planet Earth following the explosion of a nearby supernova.  


          Approximately 3.6 bya, after our red-hot molten earth had sufficiently cooled, I was virtually present in the waters of a seashore when the atom families evolved the molecules, proteins, along with rudimentary RNA which Ruah vivified. Thus, Ruah gave the gift of  life  to this first living being, a Prokaryote Bacterium, Prokye One. I have come to understand that Prokye One is my first and most distant living ancestor on planet Earth. All other living beings on Earth descend from Prokye One.


          About 1.5 bya, after 2 by, I was virtually present when the twelve atom families created, by symbiosis, the first eukaryote cell, Eukarye One.


          During the next billion years they labored to evolve multicellular life, the “gluing” together of eukaryote  cells. Then they  evolved sponges and jellyfish.  I was virtually present to these events.


           Later, I was virtually present when  they evolved the flatworm worm, and then, the roundworm. Each of these living creatures are also my relatives. After the “snowball earth” catastrophe occurred about 600 mya creativity was frozen for 60 my. About 540 mya the Cambrian explosion of sea creatures suddenly began. These also are my distant relatives. All of these living beings resided in the water.


          By 400 mya sea creatures of many new species increased in size and number. A few species began to evolve limbs from fins and  a more sophisticated lung which allowed them to invade and survive on the dry tectonic plates which, up to then, were devoid of living beings. Shortly before, they had been preceded to the dry land by various species of vegetative life, such as algae. They evolved new and varied species to provide food for the newly settled sea creature.  I was also virtually present there.


           Over the next 400 my to 5 mya, energized and inspired by the ever present Godhead, I was virtually present to the evolution of a closer ancestor, the primitive hominids who evolved from the chimpanzee family. Over the next 5 my as the hominids evolved a larger and larger brain, learned to stand more erect, lose the hair on the bodies and adapt clothing to cover themselves, start and tend fires and invent various primitive tools I was virtually present.


           Finally, when homo sapiens evolved its enhanced brain and was imbued by Ruah with human consciousness I was also virtually present there. All of the next 50 ty are part of my personal history leading to my birth on October 14, 1925.


          How grateful I am to the Loving Godhead, Elohim, Sophia, Dabar and Ruah, for their ever present personal, dynamic presence to the universe. Their divine love energy envelopes and bathes the evolving universe. Their dynamic energy of love inspires  all the atom families to create and evolve our magnificent universe and planet Earth, ultimately leading to my personal birth and  86 years of living here.


          I have learned from my research and writing that our universe and our blue, green brown planet Earth have much to teach us humans about how to live our lives on Earth. The process of evolution has been one of ever-growing complexity and  of almost unending diversity, of cooperation and community, of chaos leading to further creativity. These lessons may help the human race to accept, and not fear, diversity of races, religions, tribes and ethnicity. The process of evolution may teach us that we all have a common origin, and on our Earth, belong to one human family deeply united to a Godhead Who loves us unconditionally. 


          The force of gravity, whose essence consists of  the Godhead’s divine love energy, connects me to every element, star, and galaxy in our gigantic universe and visa versa. I have come to experience this intimate connection and profound sense of unity with our gigantic universe through my fifteen years of study of the scientific story of creation!.


           On our planet Earth I have come to realize that I belong to a wonderous community of beings. I am intimately bonded to that community, the soil, air, water, flora and fauna. They are my intimate brothers and sisters. Because of this connection I need to treat them with respect, love and care. I and all my fellow humans would not continue to exist on Earth without an intimate, loving relationship with them.


          Finally, I feel connected to the Divine Beings who live within my body-person. They continue to energize and inspire me to be a good, loving  citizen of our Earth and its community of beings. The Divine Beings are the source of the dynamic energy of love which drives our universe and planet in its continuing evolutionary journey of creative complexities.


          My fifteen years of study of the 15 by of the creation and evolution of the universe allows me to boldly comment on my possible life after my personal death. I believe that when I die my elemental body, made up of star dust, will be returned to the earth to be recycled. My self, my person, with its divine gift of consciousness, will relate personally and intimately with the emanent, loving Godhead. I will be  alive, transformed, living on a deeper spiritual level close to the universe.  In this new existence I will be personally present to the Universe and our Earth as the love story of creation  continues to evolve into the future! Amen!


          One additional comment! Book Two contains a surprise ending. Unbeknown to the twelve atom characters, they all end up in me, the visionary, and in my body person. I hold a conversation with them in which I inform them that I have been present and followed them closely during all the 15 by of their creative and evolutionary journey. We address Sophia’s question from Epilogue of Book One: “…Is your mission at an end, or is there more evolution and creativity to come as you continue to live in space-time on planet Earth in this solar system?”  We address their ongoing relationship with Elohim, Sophia, Dabar and Ruah, the possible future of the human race and the ultimate destiny of planet Earth and the universe!


          I am grateful to Dr. Robert Ruetz, my brother, Dr. Edward J. Rielly, Bro. Lawrence Unfried, CSC, the deceased Dr. Sperry Darden,  Bro. Raymond Papenfuss, CSC, and Dr. George Carter for their encouragement and advice to me on various portions of the book and for their critique of its contents. I am grateful to Sr. Mary Baird, PHJC, Sr. Janis Yaekel, ASC, Sr. Nancy Raboin, PHJC, Sr. Judian Breitenbach, PHJC, and Kelley Kelsey for their profound universal, ecological vision that inspired me to begin and persevere in writing this book.


Edward J. Ruetz


Phone: (574) 234-5652


February 1, 2012                 















The Continuing Adventures of God, Quarkie,


Photie and Their Atom Friends




From One Cell Life to Human Life




































“We’ve labored for 13,5 billion years (by)! We need to rest and enjoy our new creation, Eukarye One, and the new earthly environment in which we live” Quarkie is insistent and rebellious as she makes her views known to her eleven atom crewmates.


The time is 13.5 billion years into creation history (byich) or November 23. The twelve atom crewmates are living in the first eukaryote cell, Eukaryote One or more familiarly known as Eukarye One. A controversy is raging in the community about the future of their mission.


“Photie is right. We need ‘fastidious fidelity to our mission of continuing creativity, not lazy lassitude.” Quarko uses Photie’s recent statement to counter Quarkie’s argument. He is firm and insistent about the need to continue to pursue vigorous creativity. “Again, as Photie so aptly put it: This fateful time requires ‘potent perseverance.’ Furthermore, ‘congenial cooperation and caring companionship’ is needed at this crucial time in our Earth’s history.” The quintessential quark, who appears so sober, logical and strong, makes his case for continuing creativity.


Surprisingly, Quarkoff responds to Quarko: “You know Quarko, we have had a 13.5 by contentious relationship. The Divine Beings have often had to step in and mediate our angry confrontations.” He pauses, gives a friendly gaze at his brother-nemesis and then faces the other ten atom crewmates. He continues: “ I am coming to believe that Quarko and Photie are right. We need to live “fastidious fidelity and potent perseverance” in relation to our important creative mission entrusted us by the Divine Beings.”


Phoson enter the fray. “I agree with Quarkie. We are presently exhausted. My creative side has shut down. We need an extended period of rest.” He pauses and remembers what he had proposed to the group a few days before when the issue was first discussed. “I have already suggested that we talk to the Divine Beings about our dissatisfactions and our deep concern about the future.”


“I am in agreement with Quarkie and Phoson that we need an extended respite from our creative efforts.” Hydrojohn exclaims. But he has a suggestion concerning the possible resolution of this crisis. “Phoson, you have an excellent suggestion. Let us ask the Divine Beings to come to mediate our dispute. They commissioned us for our creative mission at the dawn of the universe. We need their imput and guidance.”


“A salicious suggestion, honorable Hydrojohn.” Photie gently alliterates. “Dynamic, dazzling Divine Beings can give essential enlightenment about this daunting dispute.”

“Reluctantly, I consent to such a meeting.” Quarkie affirms Hydrojohn’s proposal. “But in the presence of the Divine Beings I will strongly argue my case for a respite from creativity.”


* * * * * * *


The Divine Beings have been present to this diapute but were hidden from the sight of the atom crewmates. They make their presence known.


Elohim initiates the conversation. “Quarkie, what are you discussing amongst yourselves?”


Quarkie pauses (She muses to herself momentarily. “Should I admit that I want to take a pause in our creative efforts?” Within her person she is hesitant, but finally she makes a decision.) “Elohim, I may say something that will upset you so I am hesitant.” Anxiety permeates her being. Haltingly, she continues. “I…I…I have…been advocating that we discontinue our creative efforts for now and rest for a time from our creative mission.”


“Quarkie, you know Sophia, Ruah. Dabar and I love you unconditionally.” Elohim looks compassionately at Quarkie. “I remember your acute fright when you came into existence in the first moment of the birth of the universe. It took you time to adjust yourself to this new existence. You were able to finally make a clear decision to join into community with Quarko and Quarkoff to create the first proton.” Elohim pauses briefly. With empathy he says: “I can understand your feeling of exhaustion and need for rest.”


Quarko has been attentive to Elohim’s affirming words to Quarkie. He responds. “I too understand Quarkie’s feeling of exhaustion and her need for a period of rest.” Quarkie and her shipmates are shocked and unbelieving by Quarko’s empathy for her. Quarko continues. “In our dialogue about this issue I believe Photie framed it well when he spoke about ‘fastidious fidelity to our mission.’ Fatuous Photie urged us to demonstrate ‘potent perserverance’ in the spirit of ‘congenial cooperation and caring companionship.’ I deeply believe we need to continue our mission.”


“Elohim, I have sided with Quarkie in this dispute. I deeply believe that we deserve an extended period of rest.” Phoson expresses his support with firmness.


Hydrojohn is eager to make his opinion known to Elohim and the Divine Beings. “I have also supported Quarkie and Phoson. In fact, the vast majority of our shipmates agree with Quarkie and Phoson.”


“Surprisingly, I am on Quarko and Photie’s side, despite my long-standing conflict with Quarko.” Quarkoff makes his strong opinion known.


Hydrojohn is anxious to make an additional comment. “While I am on Quarkie’s side, I did propose that we talk to you, the Divine Beings, about our decision. You commissioned us for our creative activity in our universe. I am happy that you have joined us at this juncture of our dialogue.”


Ruah, who has been present but silent to this point, enters the conversation. She eyes each of the atom shipmates with empathetic love and begins: “From the beginning, my dear friends, we have always deferred to your decision-making. At the time of our birthing the universe and you came into existence we have always empowered you to create this new ballooning being. I have been your source of love energy for your creative activities. I have been faithful in this energizing activity.” Ruah pauses, then continues: “So, the decision is up to you, to take a long period of rest or to continue your creative mission immediately.”


“Quarkie!” Sophia intrudes gently and lovingly in this dialogue. “A few other times during these 13.5 by you were concerned about the continuation of your mission. But in the end you always decided to join your shipmates in engaging in your creative work. Yet, I can understand your present dilemma—to decide to rest or immediately continue your creative work.”


Oxyjoy excitedly says. “Could I propose as compromise?”


“What is it, Oxyjoy?” Quarkie is very inquisitive as to her suggestion.


“I propose that we take a short not a prolonged rest while we discuss among ourselves what tasks we need to undertake initially when we begin our creative journey again.” Oxyjoy surmises that her proposal has been met with a positive response from her shipmates.


“Brilliant proposal!” Dabar affirms her proposal. “What do the rest of you think about Oxyjoy’s idea?”


Quarkie jumps to respond to Dabar’s request. “I think that this is a wonderful compromise, Oxyjoy! Thank you for helping us break this impasse.” She looks at Quarko expectantly.


“Yes, I concur. An excellent compromise, Oxyjoy!” Quarko affirms the compromise.


As I look around the assembly I can intuit a deep sense of relief amongst all of them. I spot gentle, subtle Photie. He was pensive. Then I sensed he was ready to deliver a profound wise alliteration. His face glows.


“Congenial cooperation and caring companionship during rapturous rest will lead to peerless planning ending in fastidious fidelity to our mission of continuing creativity.” Photie said it all.


Peace and relief descends on the atom shipmates living in Eukarye One!

Sophia makes one last proposal to the group. “After your short period of rest, and before you resume your creative mission I propose that all of us, you, members of the atom family and we, the Divine Beings take a long journey back-to-the-past, in fact, to the very beginning of the Universe. On this journey we will revisit all the important events on your 13.5 by journey. This can prepare you to take up your creative mission when we return to this point of spacetime.”


I sense immediately, from the response of all the atom shipmates, that they have embraced this proposal. Some of them had never taken a journey back to the beginning.


“Take your rest now, my dear friends.” With enthusiasm Sophia said. “When you are ready, let us know and we will travel back into spacetime!”















































“We will begin our journey back-to-the-past with a surprise.” Sophia senses the atom friends are growing in anticipation about the surprise, so she pauses in order to build up suspense. She looks at each of them intensely before she finally continues. “We will take you on a visit to our home which is from all ever.” The atom friends are momentarily shocked. Suddenly, they erupt with enthusiastic joy when they become aware of their unbelievable destination—the Divine Beings’ own home.


“What does the phrase, ‘from all ever,’ mean, Sophia?” Quarko is inquisitive.


“Quarko, you had a beginning in spacetime.” Sophia takes him back to his origin. “In a tiny part of the first second in universal spacetime our divine love energy burst forth and birthed you, the first particles and photons. Before that moment you did not exist as a being. That moment was the time of your birth into our Universe.”


“I understand that I was birthed in the first moment in spacetime,” Quarko affirms Sophia statement.


“We, the Divine Beings, have always existed.” Sophia emphasizes the ‘always.’ “We were never birthed into existence. We have always existed. We live in the eternal now, not having any beginning or end of our existence. That is why I said that we lived ‘from all ever.’” She pauses briefly, and then continues. “When we gave birth to the universe we began to live in spacetime with all of you, to energize and inspire you in your creative activities. So we live in a different kind of time from all of you, our beloved beings. Universe’s spacetime has a past, present and future. We, the Divine Beings, live in spacetime without losing our ‘from-all-everness.’” Quarko appears satisfied with Sophia’s explanation.


* * * * * * *

Within the twinkling of an eye the Divine Beings and the twelve atom friends were beyond space and time. They are entering a land of brilliant light, white radiance, and otherworldly brightness. This scene is bathed in a broad symphonic movement of joy created by romantic melodic strings. The music bursts forth in exuberant nobility and exotic grandeur. Elohim, Sophia and Dabar are engulfed by the crimson energy of love emanating from Ruah. They are ethereal in appearance. The joyous sound of melodious strings permeate this awesome scene.


Photie is the first to speak. “O majestic Divine Beings! Your harmonious home is a sensuous source of lascivious love!”

“I am overwhelmed by the divine graciousness and beauty of your home, O beloved Divine Beings.” Quarkie is filled with wonder and awe in this exotic atmosphere. She pauses and poses a question. “Sophia, why did you first bring us to your mysterious realm?”


“Dearest Quarkie and atom friends, it was here that I first uttered the words that led to the creation of the Universe!” Sophia exudes love as she continues. “I said to Elohim: ‘We need to share our life and love with other beings?’ At first, Elohim was puzzled but Dabar understood my words.”


Dabar is quick to add. “I said to Sophia. ‘You mean that we need to reflect outward our creative energy of love.’”


Ruah then enters the dialogue. “I responded to Sophia. ‘Sophia, you would send me into the blackness outside our radiant loving sphere to allow our ecstatic love to create.’”

“How did you pull off the creation of the universe?” Quarko, the quipster, is blunt.


Sophia has a ready response. “Ruah, with our encouragement, entered the immense darkness outside our realm. I urged her forth. ‘Go forth and birth new beings, Ruah!’”


“I entered the darkness outside our luminous realm and created space and time.” Ruah is giving a first hand account of the birthing of the universe. “My dear Atom Friends, observe now what happened in that first fraction of a second of space-time.”


I, the visionary, observe the atom crewmates being overwhelmed by a re-creation of that first second. All of Ruah’s projected divine energy of love energy is concentrated in an infinitesimal tiny space smaller than their own atom bodies. (Scientists today call this point, singularity.) Under immense density, pressure and temperature the divine love energy burst forth, expands and gives birth to a gigantic bubble which takes on the brilliance of trillions upon trillions of exploding hydrogen bombs. Within this conflagration particles, because of the immense heat and pressure, become packages of energy, and energy becomes particles.


The atom friends experience a momentous shock. They expect that the explosion of divine love energy would give off a tremendous boom but the sound of this bursting forth of ecstatic love energy is like a rush of passion, overwhelmingly savage, yet melodically graceful, a musical undercurrent accompanying the dancing, darting particles and packages of energy that collide and careen into each other in this magnificent expanding, very dense, brilliant red, womblike bubble. Ruah is the catalyst in this symphonic outpouring amidst the chaos of a birthing process. Part of the intense love energy breaks off to form almost invisible energy lines, connecting these quadrillion upon quadrillion particles and packages of energy. (As a visionary, I remember Ruah calling these energy lines, which formed a web of creation, gravity.)


As the red bubble of the expanding universe pushes aside the blackness outside, the expansion slows and the temperature begins to greatly lessen. As the density, intensive heat and pressure diminishes, the distinct particles and packages of energy begin to stabilize.


Photie is exuberant as he exclaims. “I see my inimitable image before my excited eyes.” He is fixated on this re-created scene. “Sympathetic Sophia greets me with luscious love.” Photie pauses, then continues. “My breathless birth into exotic existence causes me to be overwhelmed with frightful fear. My furious flight into the unknown universe follows.”


Sophia tries to console him. “Yes, you were frightened by the suddenness of your birth!”


“O Sophia, parsimonious pardon for my reckless reaction to your gracious greeting.” Photie seems embarrassed by his long ago snubbing of the Sophia and other Divine Beings.


“I see also myself in this re-enacted scene.” Quarkie is excited at seeing herself. “Was I that frightened and tongue-tied at our initial meeting, Sophia!”


Again, Sophia shows deep compassion toward Quarkie’s initial frightening response to this scene. “Like Photie, you were justifiably anxious at your sudden birth and our personal meeting. Once you sized us up and discovered that we were sincerely concerned for your welfare and truly loved you, you settled down.”


Dabar enters the conversation. “I hope you were not offended when I kept asking you what you wanted to do.” Dabar is momentarily silent. He resumes “You asked me to tell you what to do.”


“I was frustrated, my dear Dabar, by your burdening me with a choice.” Quarkie responded. “But I did make a choice. I said I was lonely and needed companionship. When I mentioned that I was attracted to Quarko and Quarkoff you urged me to follow my intuition.”


“Do you remember what I then said to you?’ Dabar inquired of Quarkie.


“Yes, I do!” Quarkie answers immediately and excitedly. “You mentioned that Elohim, Sophia, Ruah and you were empowering me and all the particles to create and evolve the universe.” She hesitates and continues. “The gift of empowerment given to us seemed strange. We did not know what you really meant until much later.”


“We reassured you that we would accompany you and all the particles and photons throughout your epic creative journey to energize you with our ecstatic love.” Dabar concludes his comment.


“Your love, support and assurance were crucial to me, Dabar!” Quarkie is heartfelt in her words of gratitude.


Suddenly, Quarkoff shouts excitedly. “The expanding bubble has cooled sufficiently. See the electron particles mate with us protons.”


“Of course, Quarkoff, in the third hour of January 1 we were the first atom to exist in the universe!” With puffed up pride Quarko was extolling his accomplishments. “Quintessential Quarko leading the way, my friends. I was the one to spot that electron and invite her aboard to create the first hydrogen atom.”


“There you go again, Quarko!” Quarkie is livid with anger. “Always claiming the credit. All three of us were involved in this creation of the first hydrogen atom.”


“Enough of this quarreling!” Elohim puts an end to this acrimonious dispute. “We need to see what happens next in the beginning of the universe’s evolution.”


* * * * * * *


As their journey continues I observe the atom shipmates witnessing the multitudinous mating of electrons and protons to form, first hydrogen atoms, then helium atoms. They note in the re-enactment how gradually the hydrogen and helium atoms, along with a few other exotic gaseous elements, began to form nebulae. All of this was happening within the expanding universe bubble.


As spacetime proceded the bright red glow of this bubble universe became a light pink. Then dense darkness gradually enveloped the entire expanding universe. The rapid expansion of spacetime caused the density of particles and photons, later atoms, to change from the consistency of tar to molasses, and finally, to the consistency of air.


All over this ever expanding, blackening bubble womb of the nascent universe the atoms of hydrogen and helium (now heavier helium 4 nuclei) gathered in dense clouds of nebulae in the hundreds of billions of expanding island-galaxies.


In one of the clouds of an island-galaxy, in this re-enactment, where Quarkie, Quarko and Quarkoff lived, a section of a huge cloud began to rapidly rotate. The helium 4 nuclei, being heavier, were drawn into its central vortex. The more numerous gyrating gaseous hydrogen atoms pushed the helium nuclei into this dense center. The temperature in this rotating cylinder of gaseous elements began to rise to billions of degrees.


Quarkie is present, with her crewmates, to this re-enactment. She shouts. “Hydro!” She is filled with ambivalent feelings for her former friend, intense joy mixed with deep grief. “We met Hydro for the first time in that conflagration.”


“It was early on January 5, 200 million years into creation history (myich), my dear atom friends, when the sun attained the 18 million degrees temperature. Its nuclear furnace turned on. The first sun made its appearance.” Elohim proclaims the time of the creation of the first sun.


“Look carefully!” Elohim points to the nascent sun. Notice how the photonic light created by the first ignited nuclear furnace radiated though the entire body of this newborn sun—the first light in the blackened universe.” He pauses: “Look at the entire expanse of the expanding universe around you. What do you see?”


Awe and wonder fill the pilgrim observers. Their silent wonder is broken. “In all the hundreds of millions of island- galaxies more and more lights were igniting.” Quarkie shouts out her amazing discovery, pauses, and then speaks. “Elohim, what happened to cause all these millions upon millions of lights to suddenly appear?”


“All of your hydrogen and helium atom families in these hundreds of billions of island-galaxies, all over this expanding universe, joined you in your creative activities.” Elohim informs them that all the atom families, besides them, are empowered to create this expansive universe.


“So you were in touch with all parts of this universe and with all the atom families.” Quarkoff comments. “I am amazed that you were so close to us, and yet, were able to be present to all the atom families. Mysterious!”


Dabar takes us the dialogue: “Since we were the origin of this Universe and you were our creations, we loved each of you deeply. We were present to energize and inspire all of you on your creative missions.”


“Do you observe all the new suns in your gigantic nebulae?” Elohim asks them to observe the creative activities of other atom families in their local nebulae.


Quarko ventures an answer. “I notice that the sun we created on January 5 was an immense yellow sun, much bigger than some of the blue white suns birthed nearby.”


“What about your creation on January 5?” Elohim tests Quarko’s memory from his 13.5 billion years (by) existence.


“You won’t stump me, Elohim!” Quarko says confidently. “I remember an earlier journey-back-to-the-past. A gigantic yellow star is destined for an early death and a change in character. The blue white stars are smaller but live for many billions of years because of the immense families of hydrogen and helium atoms that live in these stars”


“Excellent answer, friend Quarko!” Elohim lauds him. But then he abruptly announces. “Let’s move forward to January 10, 400 myich.”


* * * * * * *

The yellow sun which was the dwelling place of our atom friends had been shining brightly for 200 million years (my). This immense yellow giant was nestled in a gigantic, nasacent spiral galaxy. In the center of this luminous galaxy was a voracious black hole.


In every direction from this yellow sun there were nebulae nurseries, made up of kaleidoscopic colored clouds, pink, lavender, orange, azure, rose and lemon, spinning out new born suns.


In this re-inactment Dabar points out to the quarkmates where they and Hydro were living in the midst of this giant sun. He comments. “All of you were cooperating in the operation of this sun and its nuclear furnace.”


“I see our activity, Dabar.” Quarkoff responds. “During all those hundreds of millions of years Hydro assumed command of his section of activity. He seemed to glory in his ability to direct creative activity. He often spoke to us about his difficulty in understanding why you, Dabar, Elohim, Sophia and Ruah did not have an overall plan for our creative process. He said that he felt that he should fill this power vacuum. This led me to wonder where this attitude would take him.”

“I intuited his independence, take charge attitude from our first meeting in the early stages of this sun’s life.” Sophia recalled. “In fact, all of us spoke together about Hydro’s attitude of superiority.”


“Let us speed forward to an epic event in this sun’s history.” Elohim took the leadership of moving to a culminating event in this sun’s history.


The time is 600 myich or the early afternoon of January 15.


In this re-inactment, as the Divine Beings and atom friends approach this same sun they notice a great change. With awe Quarkie shouts. “Our sun home was a giant red sun. It was still expanding.” She makes a further observation. “The expansion had almost ceased. In fact, I observed that it was beginning to retract and fall back on itself. The exterior of the red sun seemed to be falling onto its core, and with rapidity. I was filled with deep fear.” Quarkie’s memory causes her to shake violently


“Let’s go inside and observe your activities there.” Elohim leads them to an area just above the core and its nuclear furnace. They observe Quarkie, Quarkoff and Quarko. Something has happened to them.


“I remember that we went through a change of identity when we were pressed into the edges of the nuclear furnace and lost our electron. We were now a helium 4 nuclei. The pressure and the increased temperature of the imploding red star united us to two other helium 4 nuclei. At this point we assumed yet another identity.” Quarko speaks excitedly. He concludes. “Since we had described our experience as dark and mysterious, Dabar named us a carbon atom.”


Quarkie comments on another part of their re-inacted adventure. “It was about that time that we met Hydro who remained a hydrogen atom since he had assumed a leadership role in his section of the sun. Do you remember Dabar that Hydro introduced us to his new friend, Hydrojean, who had entered into a new identity, as an oxygen atom.”


In the early evening of January 15 Elohim directs the travelers to follow him outside of the giant red sun. He says: “When you went through this experience, my friends, you were inside the red sun. Let’s observe what happened a short time later to this giant sun.”


They took a vantage point a great distance from the crumbling red sun. Suddenly, it was violently ripped apart by a massive explosion. Elohim asks them: “What happened inside the core of this red sun?”


Quarko again gives a ready response. “The sudden contraction of the red sun caused the quadrillion of atoms of hydrogrm and helium to fall on the core. The gigantic heat, density and pressure caused the multiple marriages of hydrogen and helium to each other. These multiple marriages gave birth to all of the 92 chemical elements. We became a carbon atom and Hydrojean became an oxygen atom. The explosion blasted all of us out of the core into intragalactic and intergalactic space.” Quarko smiles as he continues. “We began to seed the universe with new creations. What an important event this was for our universe. Our atom families were continuing to carry out our creative mission, thanks be to you, my Divine Being Friends.”


“You, Sophia, gave a name to this event.” Quarkoff recalls. “You said: ‘This is a new event—a nova…it is a super happening. It is rightfully called a supernova.’ A befitting name!”


Quarkoff reminds the Divine Beings that it was shortly after the explosion that he introduced them to two new friends. “Elohim, you named my nitrogen atom friend, Nitro, and you, Sophia named my phosphorus friend, Phosie.”


In this remembered event Nitro and Phosie both thanked the Divine Beings for their overwhelming welcome and their names.


From 1.2 byich or February 1 to 5 byich or May 1 they observe that the universe was continuing its tremendous expansion outward. In all of the growing hundreds of billions of galaxies the nebular nurseries were giving birth to more and more suns, most blue white suns, with occasional immense yellow suns.


They are again present to the event in which Hydro continued his efforts to take charge of the creative activities of the atom families. He attempted to lure Hydrojean, Nitro and Phosie to join him in this effort. He boldly argued: “The Divine Beings, who originated our universe have no overall plan for the creation of the universe. I just do not trust them. I put my trust in myself.” When they rejected his proposal. Hydro ended his argument defiantly.


The atom characters observe that Hydrojean, Nitro and Phosie rejected Hydro’s overtures and urged him to trust the Divine Beings.


The Divine Beings were acutely aware of Hydro’s defiant attitude. Dabar was designated to warn him which he did. But Hydro was cool to Dabar’s cautionary words and defiantly stormed away from their meeting.


It is now the early afternoon, 5.4 byich or May 10. In this re-inactment the atom pilgrims take notice of Hydro and Hydrojean traveling in intragalactic space. Hydro spoted a nearby area of dynamic activity. As he approached this area he thought to himself. “Possibly I can harness all of this dynamic energy ahead of me and use it for creative activity.” Hydrojean urgently warned him of possible danger.


Hydro disregarded her warning. He crossed the event horizon of what turned out to be a huge black hole.


The Divine Beings and the atom friends observe Hydro being sucked into the black hole, torn apart and annihilated, ending up in a point of singularity within this horrific black hole. It was this shocking re-inactment of a long ago event which brings back the grief and sense of loss of the original event. They are relieved to see that Hydrojean was saved by being deflected, striking an element, and thus, not entering over the event horizon to annihilation in this voracious black hole.


The re-creation of events continues. Shortly after Hydro’s demise, the evening of May 10 the crewmates witness the Divine Beings’ reunion with Photie. When the Divine Beings asked him about what had happened, Photie gives his typical alliterative response. “Resusitated remembrance envelopes me!” He proceeded to tell of his 5.5 by journey through the universe and everything he had observed—the immense ocean of black space, galaxies of many varieties, elliptical, spiral, irregular shaped, barred spirals, neutron stars, supernovae and black holes.


Where will this epic journey take the atom friends next? With eagerness I, the visionary, await my continuing odyssey with them!






















Chapter 3 – A Quick Trip to the Past (Continued)


About 10.0 byich or September 1 all the atom characters and the Divine Beings explored the Milky Way Galaxy to view some new re-creations of the past.


Very early 10.4 byich or 4.6 bya or September 10 they are journeying on the third arm of this Galaxy. In this re-creation of a past event they observe an enormous red star.


“How different, Sophia, to view a red star from the outside.” Phosie shares her insight. “When I was forged into a phosphorous atom by the implosion of a red star I had a different vantage point.”


“The red star is starting its contraction and implosion, Phosie and my atom friends.” Sophia describes the present status of the red star. “Do you remember what I had intuited before this event happened? I spoke of an unknown ‘provoking event’ that could possibly change the direction of your creative mission? The implosion and explosion of the red sun was that ‘provoking event.’”


Quarkie remembers Sophia’ intuition and the aftermath of this ‘provoking event’, the explosion of this supernova. “See the red sun exploding. Its sending its elemental debris, large and small, asteroids, comets with long tails, molecules of gases and tiny atoms of various chemicals into the solar system. There is third planet forming near the new-born sun, I recall Elohim calling this planet, the Earth. This was to be our new home.”


“Your memory of that event and its aftermath is excellent, dear Quarkie.” Elohim complements her. He briefly muses, and then changes the subject. “Do you now see the Earth changing form from a red hot, molten mass of imploded comets, asteroids and members of the 92 atom families, and begin to solidify and cool? Look! Do you see yourselves, now living in molecuiles, being carried by the violent rain, windstorms, and its accompanying monstrous thunder and lightning storms, landing on the seashores of the earth?”


“There we are!” Nitro is excited upon seeing themselves in plain view as they traveled in the newly formed solar system near the Earth. “For the first time I changed my identity. I joined three hydrogen atoms to form a substance you, Elohim, called ammonia. It was about this time we began to talk about what our next creative mission would be.”

* * * * * * *

The time is 11.4 byich or 3.6 bya or October 10. (From this point on we will use billion years ago (bya) rather than billion years into creation history (byich).)


“I remember Quarkie, Quarko and I, being a carbon atom, joining some oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and phosphorus atoms to attempt to create a new substance.” Quarkoff recounts this past event with a sense of deep pride. “We labored for thousands of years trying to find the right combination. And we did!”


Ruah interrupts Quarkoff. “Our divine energy of love was a source of assistance to you, not determining or directing your creative efforts, but inspiring and energizing you.” She deliberately pauses. Her gaze lovingly embraces them. She resumes her remembrance. “When I noticed that you had put together the right combination of compounds and atoms I vivified your new creation, giving it life as a new being.”


Phosie questions Elohim. “Do you remember that I asked you what name you would give this new being?”


“I do remember. I named it a Prokaryote Bacterium, or more familiarly, Prokye 1.” Elohim obliges Phosie by recalling the event of the naming.


“I see all of us conversing with Prokye 1.” Quarkie points to this re-enactment of these past events. She remembers the event. “Prokye l wondered what was its relationship with all of us. We, the atom community, wondered what it meant that Prokye 1 was a living being. Elohim, Dabar and Sophia, you explained to us how we related to Prokye 1. Sophia, you challenged us to work to make replicas of Prokye 1.” Quarkie pauses and give a value to this great event. “The creation of a living being was a mysterious and momentous event in history of our universe and now planet Earth. Just as you, Ruah, radiated the divine, love energy to birth forth the universe in the beginning, you radiated your divine love energy to vivify the compound we had put together amidst of torrential rains, violent thunder and lightening storms. Yes! A wondrous moment! A mysterious event!” The Divine Beings and the atom characters remain quiet and meditative as Quarkie concludes her recounting.


Finally, Quarko, the quipster, breaks the silence. “You outdid yourself, dear Quarkie, in recalling that momentous, mysterious event. I did not know you had it in you!” A deep rage begins to engulf Quarkie.


“Again, you foment dissension, Quarkie!” Elohim’s voice is firm. “Apologize to Quarkie for your frivolous comment, Quarko.”


“I meant to complement you, Quarkie!” Quarko defends himself. “But, I guess it was a backhanded complement, questioning your competence. Quarkie, I ask your forgiveness.” Quarkie simmers down and accepts the apology with reluctance.


“Let us move forward from this momentous event.“ Elohim moves the journey forward.


* * * * * * *


The time is early morning October 11, 3.6 bya.


“I see the event of creating a mirror image of Prokye 1!” Quarko exclaims enthusiastically at this re-creation of a past event. “There is Nitro and Hydrojean expressing surprise that they were being incorporated in Prokye 2.” Quarko hesitates and continues. “As they became part of Prokye 2 Nitro and Hydrojean expressed fear that they were leaving their other atom mates. Would it be forever, they wondered?”


“I remember you, Ruah, consoling us at that time of grief and loss.” Quarkoff recalls that event. He comments further. “Loving Ruah, you then addressed the two new pilgrims. ‘Nitro and Hydrojean, you are now moving forward the creative mission of the universe as you live in Prokye 2. I don’t know if you will see them in the future.’”


* * * * * * *


The time is about noon on October 11 or 3.6 bya.


“I see the event of our trying to develop another compound to ease the burden of RNA in the replication of mirror images of Prokye 1.” Quarkoff points to that re-enactment of the past. “Do you remember, Quarkie and Quarkoff, and our beloved Divine Beings, that we had tried all different combinations to create this compound that would record the plan of the construction of prokaryote replicas.”


Excitedly, Quarkie remembers and at the same time, she sees what is happening in this event. “Photie showed up as a hydrogen atom.”


“Quarko made the suggestion that we substitute Photie, living in a hydrogen atom, for the oxygen/hydrogen molecule, in one of the three groups of compounds.” Quarkoff recounts the event.


“When you changed the makeup of one compound and brought these three compounds together, Quarko, you created DNA.” Ruah enters the dialogue. “I then complimented you, Quarko, for your ingenious suggestion that had brought about the creation of DNA from RNA. Now this former compound would carry the entire plan for the replication of the prokaryote bacterium. RNA would copy the construction plan, transport the materials and then carry out the construction of the new prokaryote replica.”


Quarko was beaming with pride as Ruah points out his decisive suggestion which solved a very difficult creative problem. But he does not boast openly.


“We were very grateful to you, Quarko, for your bold suggestion.” Quarkie is complementary. Quarko exudes joy but does not comment, positively or negatively. These responses were much different than in the original event.


* * * * * * *


The time is October 16, 3.3 bya.


Elohim points to the re-enactment of the event of the creation of Prokye 3 and Prokye 4.


“When the replication process began for Prokye 4 I volunteered to be a crewmate of this new being.” Phosie tells her story. She had been part of the phosphorous group in Prokye 1 but had been replaced by another phosphorous atom. She asked to be a member of this new prokaryote replica, Prokye 3. “I was proud to again be a part of this new creative mission.”


Phosie observes herself saying goodbye and departing in Prokye 4 for her creative mission with the other atom families.

About the same time Photie sees himself volunteering to be a part of Prokye 3. Photie emotes: “Cautious courage caused me to be a voluptuous volunteer for Prokye 3’s mysterious mission.” His alliterative phrases brought a smile to all of his atom friends and the Divine Beings on this journey of remembrance.

Then Photie recalls his words at the point of departure. “Momentous moments do lie ahead. Fascinating Fate will lead us to amazing accomplishments. Happy hope impels us to our gaudy goals.”


“You did accomplish ‘gaudy goals’” Quarkie responds to Photie’s remembrance. At that point, Prokye 4 proceeded to leave Prokye 1’s aqueous environment through one of its membrane exits to continue its unique creative mission.


Thus, the atom characters are now residing in four prokaryote bacteria beings to continue their creativity to push the evolution of planet Earth.


* * * * * * *

As the visionary observer I see the Divine Beings and the twelve atom friends resume their journey of remembrance.


The time is early October 24, 3.0 bya.


Hydrojean shouts excitedly. “I see myself in Prokye 2. Phoson and Nitro are discussing with me the possibility of developing a tail assembly which could help Prokye 2 move with more agility.”


“Hydrojean and I had met Phoson on Prokye 2 a short time after we began our mission..” Nitro recalls their meeting. “You can see us working on our mission.”


Phoson describes the culmination of their creative activities. “Do you see the tail assembly that we constructed and attached to the exterior of Prokye 2? When we asked Prokye 2 to power the tail it began to move Prokye 2 in different directions.”


“Can you see us beaming with pride at our achievement!” Hydrojean exclaims. “That exultant feeling still resounds in me!”


Ruah comments: “Your creativity is still helping the bacterial community in colonizing planet Earth!” Ruah pauses, then continues: “I was present to the three of you, energizing your efforts, but you were the ones who accomplished this creative feat! You should feel exultant pride!”


* * * * * * *


The time is later on October 24, 3.0 bya.


About this same time Phosie views the re-enactment of her voyage in Prokye 4.


“There are Hydrojohn and Oxyjoy meeting me shortly after Prokye 4 was replicated by Prokye 1’s atom crewmates.” Phosie is excited to see herself.


“When we began to discuss our mission to diversify the prokaryote bacterial community I suggested the possibility of trying to harness the photonic energy coming from our sun.” Oxyjoy proudly recounts their conversation. “We had learned from other atom families that the photonic rays of the sun are deadly to prokaryote bacterial families. They must stay under the water away from their pernicious rays. This information caused us to fear carrying out our mission, exposing ourselves to the deadly ray of the sun.“


Hydrojohn comments. “Harnessing this energy could possibly help to increase the power of Prokye 4 and could be used for other purposes.” Hydrojohn pauses and his face takes on a grim expression. “Our mission was dangerous, but we had to follow through with our creative efforts.”




“But it took us a long, long time of trial and error before we finally achieved our creative goal.” Phosie describes the persistent effort required to achieve creativity. “We will discover at little later in our journey into the past as to whether we accomplished our goal.”


“Creativity is a difficult task.” Sophia commends the atom friends and their persistent efforts. “Our energy of love projected by Ruah, dear friends, did energize and inspire all your creative efforts. I remind you that we do not control or determine your creativity.”


* * * * * * *


This journey of remembrance continues early on October 26 or 2.9 bya.


“Quarkie, Quarko and I discussed how to modify Prokye 1.” Quarkoff adds his voice to the remembering. “I suggested that we increase Prokye 1’s size significantly.”


“I floated the idea of constructing a double wall around the DNA template.” Quarkie recalls her creative idea. “A little later, Quarkoff suggested the DNA template be arrayed as a spiraling helix.”


“I just sat back and complimented my esteemed colleagues for their ingenuity.” Surprisingly, Quarko was not critical or cynical of his quarkmates.


“Quarkoff and I were shocked by your good behavior and positive attitude.” Quarkie is complimentary in tone in her response. Quarko accepts the laudatory comment gratefully.


Dabar has been attentive to this conversation. He comments. “I suppose you understand the hard work involved in creativity. Namely, that real creativity takes much time and effort. You had to be patient with yourselves in allowing the creativity to flow, with Ruah’s love energy inspiring your difficult labors.”


“You are so right, Dabar.” Quarko responds immediately. “We will have to wait a while longer for the reenactment of the ultimate success of creative ideas.”


* * * * * * *


I observe the Divine Beings and their Atom Friends continuing their journey forward to a new re-inactments.


It is early October 28 or 2.9 bya.


“The phosphorus family is building the double wall around the DNA template of Prokye 1.” Quarkie points out the work of this membrane building phosphorus family. “Now Quarkoff was directing the work of the RNA messengers in arraying the DNA template in the winding form of a helix. This allowed a tighter form using less space.” Quarkie concludes her description of what she sees going on in the watery environment of Prokye 1.”


“I must admit, Quarkie and Quarkoff, that you stole my thunder in these creative developments. Congratulations!” Quarko confesses. The Divine Beings and the other Atom Friends are shocked by Quarko’s positive attitude. The latter pauses and then adds. “But don’t get to familiar with my positiveness. I still am the quizzical, quintessential, querulous quipster.” The group breaks out in bursts of laughter and tears. He still is his typical quipster self.


“Congratulations to you, the Quark Trio, for your ingenuity and creativity in enlarging and improving the body design of Prokye 1.” Elohim is expansive in his praise. He turns to Quarko. “I hope your increasing positive, cooperative attitude continues as your mission presses forward.”


* * * * * * *


I follow the traveling group as they continue their journey on planet Earth.


The time is later on October 24, 2.8 bya.


“It took us 5 days of spacetime or 200 my to finally solve this creative problem—the harnessing of the photonic rays of the sun.” Hydrojohn emphasizes the frustration of creativity. But we finally solved the problem.”


Phosie is excited as she views the reenactment of these events. “Look, there we are working with the atom families on a compound that would be a platform for the rays of the sun.”


“Do you remember the great disappointment when we finally developed an aldehyde connecter and the red rays bounced off?” Oxyjoy recalls their feelings of frustration.


“But the very next moment the violet blue rays were received and transported to our power system.” Hydrojohn says. “Oxyjoy, you suggested that we use methane on the other connecter.” He pauses, looks around at his listeners and says. “Wonder of wonder, this connecter received the red ray and transported this energy to Prokye 4’s power system.”


“You discovered something about this new energy source and how it related to your power system.” Ruah comments.


“Yes, Ruah, the energy produced three byproducts.” Phosie responds with gusto. “It produced sugar, an energy source, carbon dioxide and water and two atoms of oxygen. We disgarded the oxygen as waste.”


“What did you find out subsequerntly?” Ruah pursues the subject of the oxygen waste.”

“We discovered that our wasted atoms was being used by the other atom families to fill the atmosphere with oxygen.” Phosie responds. “Possibly an oxygenated atmosphere will be important as planet Earth continues to evolve.”


* * * * * * *


A short time later the pilgrims are present to another re-enactment.


The time is still later on October 24 or 2.8 bya.


“There we are living on Prokye 3!” Oxydon recalls the event being relived in the present. “Photie, you were lonely. You went out to meet Nitrojoan and me. You, the Divine Beings, had commissioned us to try to improve and diversify the prokaryote bacteria families.”

“Intuitive intuition inspired me to suggest ingenious improvement to Prokye 3’s simple power plant.” Photie remembers the event. “Inventive I remembered the sucrosey sugar and flashy phosphate groups we used to construct dandy DNA.” Photie alliterates.”


Nitrojoan intrudes herself into the conversation. “I suggested that we use a hydrogen cyanide group with the other two groups. When Prokye 4, at our request, started the power system with this addition, it lost rather than gained additional power. We were very frustrated.


“We needed to tinker with our formula.” Oxydon recalls. “I asked the four tier phosphate group to discharge one member. Nitrojoan asked the hydrogen cyanide to add two more groups.”


Photie immediately says: “Minor modifications led to daring design.”


“When Prokye 3 started the power plant after this addition, it greatly increased the amount of power.” Oxydon opines.“


“Do you remember what name I gave to this new source of energy?“ Ruah directs her question to the trio on Prokye 3.


“Ruah, you named the power generated and transported over the power lines, adenosine triphosphate, or ATP as a shortened name.” Hydrojoan quickly responds.


“You evolved a great creation that is bound to help the continued evolution of planet Earth.” Ruah commends them for their creative activity.”


* * * * * * *

The entourage, made up of Divine Beings and twelve atom friends, continue their educational journey.


The time is November 5, 2.5 bya.


“There we are in the reenactment.” Hydrojean is the first to see Prokye 2. “For 500 my we worked to improve the replication process in Prokye 2. You can imagine the sense of frustration we experienced. In the meantime, we continued to replicate copies of Prokye 2 utilizing many different processes.”


Sophia asks Hydrojean. “When did you make the breakthrough?”


“Sophia, we were able to learn from our long experience of trial and error. We decided finally to develop a fibrous, spherical spindle system with two opposite poles to bind the spindle together. Sophia, you named the long, expansive fibrous strands of the spindle, microtubles, and the two opposite poles, a kinetochore. The apparatus was collapsible and could be recon-structed when needed for replication.”


“Can you observe how joyous we are after working all of those hundreds of millions of years to evolve this spindle apparatus?” Hydrojean directs her question to the Divine Beings.


“You were overjoyed, I can see.” Dabar responds. The latter pauses and gazes at Hydrojean, and says. “Did you feel the need to share your new creation with other members of prokaryote bacteria families?”


Again, there is a pause. Hydrojean finally answers. “We immediately tried to share our flagella tail assembly and our spindle system with a large prokaryote bacterium. We were welcomed and began to transfer the DNA of our new creations to their DNA template. But our presence was cut short. We were asked to leave. Our presence was draining their food supply. We do not know if they were able to complete the DNA transfer. We attempted to share our creativity but caused a huge problem for our host.”


“Once, we were swallowed by a large hostile prokaryote bacterium.” Nitrojoan briefly recounts the incident. “It threatened to use us as their food. Fantastic Photie tricked the wicked leader and its crew and we escaped.”


“Yes, Photie, we observed your ingenuity and courage in saving Prokye 3.” Sophia congratulates him.


“Scintillating Sophia, thank you, thank you for your gratuitous gift of precious praise!” Photie accepts her congratulations. The body of atom friends also express their gracious gratitude to Phenomenal Photie!


* * * * * * *


The journey-back-to-the past is about over. But there is one important additional event that the twelve atom friends are to re-experience…or should I say three events. You will understand this in just a short time.


The time is November 6 or 2.4 bya

“I see Prokye 2 drifting in the watery environment propelled by its whip like flagella.” Nitro observes Prokye 2 in the replay of that distant time. Nitro gives some details about the original event. “I had just instructed Prokye 2 to find the nearest large prokaryote bacterium and to enter it. Hydrojean, Phoson and I had decided to share our new creation with another bacterium.”


Hydrojean takes up the story. “Prokye 2 sighted an appropriate target and we entered its interior.” She pauses. With jubilation she continues. “To everyone’s great surprise Nitro’s voice was recognized by, of all persons, Quarko. Imagine! Prokye 2 targets the first large prokaryote. It turns out to be Prokye 1.”

“Yes, we were shocked at your arrival, then overwhelmed with the joy of a loving reunion.” The original feelings of that amazing event invades Quarko.


“After the initial greetings,” Hydrojean explains, we shared with the quark trio the story of our new creativity, the flagella tail to help in transportation and the spindle apparatus to help in the replication process.”


“How happy we were to be reunited with you.!” Quarkie is effusive in her expression of joy. “Initially we grieved your departure from us aboard Prokye 2. How wonderful it felt to have you back home in Prokye 1.”


“I remember that we had go through additional feelings of grief and loss shortly after we transferred the DNA of our new creations to Prokye 1’s template.” Quarkoff enters the dialogue. “We had to grieve the dismantlement and death of Prokye 2.”


“I can see in the re-enactment Prokye 2 bravely accepting its fate.” Quarko goes on to praise this wonderful being. “We replicated Prokye 2 a long, long time ago. This marvelous being returned with you, its crewmates, with a new development which is shared with us.” Quarko is quiet and reflective for a few moments. “What irony! The new development is the cause of its demise! Yes, Prokye 2 was a wondrous being.”


* * * * * * *


The Divine Beings move their entourage of twelve atom friends forward with remarkable rapidity.


The time is November 12 or 2.0 bya.

Nitrojoan and Oxydon as one shout. “There we are traveling in the aqueous environment of Prokye 3 with Photie.” Oxydon recalls this event.”


Nitrojoan takes up the remembrance. “We were discussing what to do with our new creation, an improved mitochondria and energy source, ATP. You, Photie, said to us: ‘Dame Fate advises us to devise a perilous plan…a rambunctious risk!’ You, Photie went on to say we needed to find a ‘plump, portly prokaryote bacterium’ and share our creations with them.”


Oxydon explained why this might not be a good idea. “Do you remember the time that we were captured by a demonic leader of a large prokaryote? He was bent on destroying us. You, Photie saved us.” Oxydon muses momentarily and continues. “Thus, Nitrojoan and I were initially fearful, of taking this ‘rambunctious risk.’ But, in the end we followed your courageous leadership again, Photie!”


Nitrojoan sees the replay of their entry into a large bacterium. “I see Prokye 3 inside this large being. I remember, Photie, your initial greeting to its crewmates. ‘Fabulous friends!...We come with inventive innovations of profound power.’ “


“I immediately recognized Photie’s alliterative voice.” Quarkie remembers the meeting. “Photie, you introduced us to Hydrojoan and Oxydon whom we had never met. What a profound reunion!” She concludes.


“I remember the three of you enthusiastically telling us about how you had created, over a long period of time, an improved mitochondrion power system.” Quarkoff recalls the event. Then, he continues. “We all cooperated in transferring the DNA for this new mitochondria from Prokye 3 to Prokye 1’s helix template within our improved nucleus. We then explained Prokye 1’s new creations to you, our dear atom friends.”


“Again there was the grief over the demise of Prokye 3, one of our own replications.” Quarkoff recounts grieving part of this reunion event. “But again Prokye 3 was grateful for its contribution to the evolution of planet Earth.”


“What wonderful memories we share on this fabulous journey through spacetime.” Quarkie sums up the overwhelming feelings of all the atom friends.


* * * * * * *


The Divine Beings move faster than the speed of light and come to November 15 or 1.9 bya.

“I can see us moving in the water abroad Prokye 4.” Phosie sees her and her crewmates in the re-enactment. “I remember that we had replicated multiple prokaryote bacteria in our long journey and had endowed them with the DNA of this new creation, photosynthesis, with its two platforms to capture the photonic rays of the sun.”


“We agreed, though, that we needed to share this creation with a larger prokaryote. We asked Prokye 4 to locate a large prokaryote and enter it.” Oxyjoy tells the story as she views the re-enactment of this past event, She continues. “Surprise of surprise! See us enter Prokye 1. There is Quarkie recognizing us and giving us a hearty welcome, along with all the other crewmates of Prokye 1.”


“We had dispatched Prokye 2, 3, and 4, and now they had all returned to us.” Quarkie’s voice is filled with exuberant joy and love. “Phosie and her crewmates had brought us their new creation, the chloroplast receptors and the process of photosynthesis, the ability to finally capture the rays of the sun to help in increasing the sources of energy for our power system. This was to assist us as we journey into the future to accomplish many other creative missions.”


“I see the RNA messenger transferring the DNA for this new development to the DNA template of Prokye 1’s nucleus.” Phosie describes what she observes. She goes on. “After we dismantled Prokye 4, grieving its death, we then talked about the future of Prokye 1 and the evolution of the universe and planet Earth.”


“We had come a long, long way in our 13.1 by journey.” Quarkoff summaries his feeling about the past spacetime. “We and all the other atom families have worked with the Divine Beings, especially Ruah, to evolve and create the universe and planet Earth. We are connected with every being in the universe through gravity. Ruah has accompanied us, energizing and inspiring, but not controlling our creative enterprise.” Quarkoff pauses after his summary of their creative activities. Then he addresses his atom friends. “We should be grateful to the Divine Beings for their intimate presence through all 13.1 by of spacetime up to the present.”


Ruah has been overshadowing this reunion. She enters the dialogue. “You, my atom friends, and all the atom families in the universe, were birthed forth in the beginning out of our divine love energy. We love you and have been proud of your untiring creative efforts in evolving the universe and planet Earth where you now live.”


The twelve atom friends respond in love to the Divine Beings’ unconditional love for them!


* * * * * * *

The final scene of this long journey takes place on November 22 or 1.6 bya. The twelve atom friends, now united, have been together for hundreds of millions of years of spacetime.


In this re-enactment the Divine Beings were in dialogue with the twelve atom friends. They were discussing many memorable events over the billions of years of spacetime.


Quarko has been subdued and quiet during this sharing. He shocks his crewmates. “I believe that we have created a whole new being in Prokye 1.” I see the crewmates standing in shock at his stunning intuition.” Quarko asks: “I believe Prokye 1 should be given a new name.”


I hear Ruah commend Quarko. “Your intuition has much merit, Quarko.”


In this re-creation Elohim hastened to lavish his praise on Quarko. I hear him say: “A brilliant deduction, quintessential Quarko!” Elohim muses during a brief interlude. He continues. “Prokye 1 is now, not a bacterium, but will be called a cell, Therefore, I rename this new being, Eukaryote Cell 1, or by a more homey name, Eukarye Cell 1.”


* * * * * * *


After their return from their long journey back-to-the-past I note that the atom friends’ and the Divine Beings’s conversation turns to the future and the continuing evolution of planet Earth.


Photie concludes their discussion in a dramatic manner. “Congenial cooperation and caring companionship must continue to enliven our magical mission of capricious creativity.”


Dabar commends Photie for his leadership and positive attitude. The dialogue ends.