The Love Story of Creation - Book One
by Edward Ruetz

The Love Story of Creation: Book One: The Creative Adventures of God, Quarkie, Photie, and their Atom Friends

The Love Story of Creation: Book One: The Creative Adventures of God, Quarkie, Photie, and their Atom Friends
by Edward Ruetz


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A man awakens one day in a land of brilliant light. Unsure of his surroundings, he sees another man, woman, and their child surrounded by a pure crimson energy of love. He soon realizes that the Divine Beings intend to use their energy of love to give birth to new beings. And so begins an expanding Universe, fueled by diverse particles woven by gravity's power into a massive web.

The Divine Beings empower atoms to be agents of creativity. The first beings, Quarkie and Photie, join twelve atom friends and quadrillions of other atoms who manage to create billions of suns in billions of galaxies. After the Divine Beings take the atom pals on journeys back to the past to visit other atom families, the atom friends living in the Milky Way Galaxy are jolted by an exploding supernova and land on planet Earth where they eventually create the first living beings.

During the next two billion years, they engage in a crucial mission—the conception of the eukaryote cell—which will determine all future creativity on Earth. But just as they are certain of their success, a momentous catastrophe threatens to end their creative journey.

March 16,  2010


TO:     Readers and Friends of  The Love Story of Creation—Book One


Dear Readers and Friends:


           "...(D)id God predetermine everything that would happen in the Universe?" Father George Coyne SJ, director of the Vatican Observatory for over 25 years, was being interviewed by the editor of  the Science and Theology News. He continued: "My answer is no, because it doesn't fit the science. The universe has evolved through both chance and necessary processes with a great opportunity to...bring about the universe with life in it." (Science and Theology News, Sept. 2004)


          The Love Story of Creation—Book One tells the story of how the Divine Beings projected their dynamic love energy to birth an expanding reddish Universe into spacetime to create beings with whom they could relate. In this first moment when the first elemental particles are born the Divine Beings, rather than predetermining and directing their creativity, empower them to create and evolve the Universe and planet Earth over fifteen billion years.


          The Love Story of Creation—Book One recounts the epic journey of twelve atom characters, Quarkie, Photie and their atom friends, along with all the other atom families in the Universe who create nebulae, suns, black holes, galaxies, planets, on Earth living beings possessing DNA, and over next two billion years, evolve the eukaryote cell. These cells will be the building blocks of all future multicellular flora and fauna, including humans, evolved on Earth. This inaugurates the "Age of the Eukaryote Cell."


           The Love Story of Creation—Book One, written in the style of a midrashic novel, dramatizes this scientific story of the creation of the Universe in an original, intimate, personal manner! (Read especially, AFTERWORD—THE FUTURE OF CREATION, a summary of Book Two!)


           I hope you enjoy journeying with the  ever patient Divine Beings as they accompany Quarkie, Photie and their Atom Friends on their long creative odyssey!





                                                               Rev. Edward J. Ruetz

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March 31, 2010


Dear Readers and Friends:


The Love Story of Creation—Book One tells the fifteen billion year scientific story of creation with the Divine Beings  birthing forth the Universe in the first moment of  spacetime. At that moment the Divine Beings empower the first particles, atoms, quarks and photons to create the Universe energized by their dynamic energy of love. As author, I hope to assist, in particular, young Christians, and you, Alumni and Alumnae, to be able to reconcile your belief in God with the theory of evolution.   


The accompanying Time Line of  fifteen billion years is equated to a 365 days-year to make it more understandable to you, the reader. When you look at the time line for two historical  characters in the Bible, Abraham and Jesus, you notice that they lived about twenty and ten seconds respectively in "universal time"--the fifteen billion years—from our present time.  Homo sapiens sapiens comes on the scene,  about two minutes ago in "universal time." This gives you an understanding of the "deep time" involved in the creation story.


When you look at the pictorial representation of  the "biblical universe" (on the other side of  the Time Line) it describes the world view of all the writers of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. The first ten chapters of  Genesis are the biblical writers' mythic stories attempting   to help their readers to understand how human being arrived at their present sinful situation in biblical times. They were oblivious of  the existence of a gigantic Universe fifteen billion years in age.


I am 84 years old. When I was 10 years old and into adulthood I believed that God and Heaven was about twelve miles above the Earth. Books on the immensity of  the universe and space travel in the 1950s and 1960s caused me and others to attain a new world or universe view. My reason for writing this book is to help young people to understand that they can believe in God and still accept the theory of evolution!


I hope you enjoy my midrashic novel recounting the creative adventures of  God, Quarkie, Photie and  their Atom Friends!


Sincerely!  Peace!



(Rev.) Edward J. Ruetz

621 Portage Avenue

South Bend, IN 46616

(574) 234-5652




Below is a pre-scientific concept of our Universe held by writers of the Hebrew and New Testament Scriptures.


  1. The Earth is flat and there are ends of the land masses. Pillars or columns hold up the platform of the Earth.  
  2. There are waters above the firmament of the sky, and waters below around the columns holding up the Earth. 
  3. Sheol or the Neatherworld, in the depth of the Earth, is the home of those who have died. 
  4. The Dome at the top of the sky makes the Universe/Earth like a domed sports stadium. 
  5. The Floodgates are openings used by God to send down rain, snow, ice, winds, lightning and thunder. 
  6. The Moon and Sun travel below the Dome; How the Sun returns to the East to start over again each day is a mystery! 
  7. The Stars were twinkling lights in the Dome of the sky that came out to shine on Earth each night.
  8. God lives above the Dome of the sky on a Heavenly Throne.

Personal Note: Before I came to realize that the Universe was so gigantic in size in the 1960s I thought that God lived above the top of the sky (the Dome) just about 10 miles away. That was where Heaven was! Now that I know, through studying the scientific story of creation, that the Universe is so massive my personal Universe and world view has changed drastically. My understanding of God as Creator is enhanced tremendously!


Hebrew and New Testament view of the world





365 Day-Year = 15 Billion Years (BY)


Jan. 1 Universe is birthed by Divine Beings — Elohim, Sophia, Dabar and Ruah 15 BYA
1 sec. Quarks and Photons created, then ProtonsUniverse is 200,000 miles in diameter
3 hrs. Protons and Electrons create the first AtomsHydrogen
Two Protons and Two Electrons created Helium Atom 15 BYA
Jan. 15 First Sun generated by Hydrogen and Helium in Galaxy 14.5 BYA
Jan. 26 First Supernova explodes creating 92 Atom Families 14.1 BYA
Jan. 27
Apr. 30
Galaxies grow and proliferate as do billions of Suns (Stars) in Galaxies
New Supernovae explode creating 92 chemical elements, Black Holes develop
14.1 BYA
9.9 BYA
May 1
Aug. 30
Multi-billions of Galaxies and Suns (Stars) evolve and Universe continues to expand 10 BYA
5.1 BYA
Sept. 1 Universe continues to expand mightily producing trillions of more Suns (Stars) 5 BYA
Sept. 10 Exploding Supernova in Milky Way Galaxy evolves our Solar SystemEarth and 4.6 BYA
Sept. 20 Earth begins to cool and develops hard crust; oceans begin to form 4.2 BYA
Oct. 10 First living beings, prokaryote bacteria, evolve near the shorelines of watery basins and possibly near volcanic vents on floor of oceans 3.6 BYA
Oct. 10
Nov. 14
Millions of species of prokaryote bacteria evolve and proliferate in waters of Earth 3.6 BYA
1.6 BYA
Nov. 15 Four prokaryote bacteria, by symbiosis, evolve first eukayote cell, in Earth's waters 1.5 BYA
Dec. 14 After 1 by multi-cellular life begins — sponges, jelly fish, flat & round worms 610 MYA
Dec. 15 After Snowball Earth many multi-cellular life forms evolve in rivers and oceans 600 MYA
Dec. 20 Algae vegetation and lung fish crawl up on land and acclimate themselves there
Ordovician Catastrophe destroys 50% of all species in water and few on land
400 MYA
Dec. 20
Dec. 25
Reptiles evolve; New varieties of trees, vegetative and insect life evolve 400 MYA
250 MYA
Permian Extinction wipes out 90% of all water and land species
All major continents join to make giant continent of Pangea
Dec. 26
Dec. 30
Amidst immense growth of vegetation, plant-eating, carnivorous and flying dinosaurs evolve, along with smaller mammals 230 MYA
65 MYA
K/T Extinction wipes out all dinosaurs leaving small mammals, birds and some flora
Dec. 30
Dec. 31
Small mammals evolve larger species; Trees and vegetation recover and proliferate 65 MYA
36-20 MYA
Monkeys, early cats and dogs, first apes evolve and new species come into existence
Dec. 31
6-11 pm
Animal life surges — gorillas, chimpanzees, modern cats, dogs, camels, horses, cattle 11-1 MYA
Dec. 31
10:30 pm
Some chimpanzees evolve hominids, later archaic homo sapiens and Neanderthals 5 MYA
Dec. 31
11:58 pm
Approximate time of evolution of human race — homo sapiens sapiens 50,000
Years Ago
Dec. 31
11:59:40 pm
Time of the patriarch Abraham — 20 seconds back in time from present moment 4000
Years Ago
Dec. 31
11:59:50 pm
Time of Jesus Christ living on Earth — About 10 seconds back in time from present 2000
Years Ago
Dec. 31

April 20, 2010


Dear Readers and Friends:


"Dare I situate the Divine Beings, who were from all ever, at the beginning of spacetime in my midrashic novel, The Love Story of Creation?" I  mused deeply  within my person as I began to write my book. "Am I doing violence to Science's territory by invading their rightful realm?"


Yet, I had been  aware that cosmologists had been able to construct equations to explain every event that happened in the nascent Universe up to Planck Time and Barrier, 10 to the minus 43rd part of  the first second of  spacetime. What happened in the beginning of spacetime on the far side of the Planck Barrier scientists have been unable to explain with their methodologies. On this side of the Barrier scientists claimed that all the matter and energy now in the Universe, along with the four electrical forces, electromagnetism, gravity, strong and weak forces, then unified, were concentrated at an immensely dense, superheated point of singularity. When this singularity exploded in the continuation of the initial "big bang" it created particles and energy which expanded and evolved exponentially. They concluded that the four electrical forces had split off to further energize and unite all the newly evolved beings in the expanding Universe.


One of  the chief goals of  the present scientific experiments being  carried out in the seventeen mile subterranean  cyclotron in Cern , Switzerland, is to try to replicate what happened at that initial moment of  the "big Bang" on the far side of the Planck Barrier. So far, they have been unable to solve this mystery of  the first moment of  creation.


Since cosmologists, using their intricate methodologies, had been unable to claim this mysterious realm as their own I decided I could situate the Divine Beings in this realm on the far side of the Planck Barrier without violating the domain of  the sciences!


In The Love Story of Creation the Divine Beings decide to give birth to a Universe which could evolve beings with whom they could relate. Ruah is sent forth to  project their divine energy of love in order to carry out this mission. The propelled divine energy of love did not explode in a big bang," but dynamically birthed forth, creating and evolving an expanding Universe.


In The Love Story of Creation the immensely dense, superheated divine energy of love is concentrated in the point of singularity, along with the unified four electrical forces. From this point of singularity the Universe is born expanding at a gigantic rate of speed. The divine energy of  love separates and flows into the four electrical forces, electromagnetism, gravity, strong and weak forces. They then energize this rapidly ballooning Universe through the divine love energy of  gravity which unites all the beings in the Universe, the newly created particles, quarks, atoms, protons, galaxies, suns, supernovae, black holes, still later, our solar system, including our Earth.


In The Love Story of Creation the Divine Beings empower the first particles, quarks and atoms, to  create the Universe. The Divine Beings do not predetermine or direct this creativity of the atom characters, but patiently and lovingly accompany  these beings energizing them!


Sincerely! Peace!



(Rev.)  Edward J. Ruetz

May 9, 2010


Dear Readers and Friends:


          "Where do we find the ultimate origin of homo sapiens sapiens, human beings,  in the scientific story of creation?" As I was researching and writing The Love Story of Creation (LSOC).  I pondered this question.


          Was it found in the second creation story in the Book of Genesis telling of  God's creation of Adam, and then, Eve from Adam? This is a mythic, religious creation story written down about 2550 years ago or December 31, 11:59:48 (in equating 15 billion years (by) to a 365 days-year) about twelve seconds back from today in universal spacetime. But Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden, were mythic, not historical persons and place.


          In researching scientific evidence of  human origins anthropologists seem to place  the evolution of  the early hominid species from the chimpanzee community of  mammals about 6 million years ago or December 31, 10:30 PM. They place the emergence of  homo sapiens sapiens at approximately 50,000 years ago or December 31, 11:58 PM.


          As I studied the evolutionary evidence scientists teach that Nature evolved the initial biological beings, the prokaryote bacteria, about 3.6 billion years ago (bya) or October 10. On page 134 The Love Story of Creation recounts this event:

          The atmosphere is dense with hazy gray carbon dioxide. The invisible

          ultraviolet rays cook the ocean waters and warm the surrounding air.

          Torrential rains continue to deluge the earth with water while tumultuous

          thunder and electrifying bolts of lightning pierce the waters and skies. At a

          level beyond the purely physical, Ruah's radiant touch vivifies and

          energizes the already long chains of carbon and hydrogen compounds

          residing near the edges of  the water basins.


          "Am I invading the realm of  science at this crucial moment in planet Earth's history to have Ruah "vivify and energize" this long chains of carbon and hydrogen compounds to give life to prokaryote bacteria, the first living beings?" I mused quietly to myself. In 1953 scientists Stanley Miller and Harold Urey had attempted to replicate the environment in which prokaryote bacteria were created. Yet, they and other scientists have been unable to bring their chemicals to life. Since science has not been able to unravel the mystery of the initial origin of prokaryote bacteria, then I was able to posit that Ruah, the energetic Divine Being, at a deep, deep level had been able to vivify and give life to this  initial  bacterial life.


         In the subsequent 3.6 by of evolution leading to homo sapiens sapiens I came to realize that Nature, aided crucially from Ruah's impetus,  had evolved this initial biological  life through a DNA genetic system in the prokaryote bacteria. This enabled them subsequently over 3.6 by to evolve more and more elaborate body plans by utilizing a more sophisticated, evolved DNA and a tool kit of these genes leading ultimately to evolving the human race. Thus, it would appear that Nature and science points to the evolution of the first prokaryote bacteria as being the most primitive origin of homo sapiens sapiens—human beings.




(Rev.) Edward J. Ruetz

May 28, 2010


Dear Readers and Friends:


"Does the Scientific Story of the Creation and Evolution of the Universe impact contemporary theology?"  I asked myself this question after fifteen years of  research on this "Story" leading to the publication of  my book, The Love Story of Creation—Book One.  


As Father George Coyne SJ, astrophysicist and retired director of the Vatican telescopes in Italy and Arizona, commented: "...(D)id God predetermine everything that would happen in the universe? My answer is no...The universe has evolved through both chance and necessary processes with a great opportunity to...bring about the universe with life."

(Science and Theology News, September 2004)   (This is the presupposition of  this letter.)


The most telling arguments for a self-creating universe come from my study of the history of planet Earth. The ebb and flow of multicellular biological life amidst periodic and devastating catastrophes is one strong argument. Why would an all powerful, all knowing God-Creator create multitudinous biological species, and then destroy fifty, seventy-five or ninety-five percent of these species in periodic extinctions? Why create a species that ultimately dies out without moving forward with the Universe? A self-creating Nature could fail in this way.  Yes, the "Story" teaches us that we live in a self-creating Universe energized from its beginnings by the dynamic love energy of the Divine Beings who patiently accompany but do not determine or direct their newly created beings' creative activity. The awesome divine energy of love gave birth to all the four electrical forces, electromagnetism, gravity, strong and weak forces that power and energize our Universe.


If our Universe and Earth were self-created by Nature, quarks, atoms and photons, and not created and directed by the Divine Beings, how does this impact our traditional teaching on natural law and original sin?


If Nature self-created our Universe and Earth how can we teach that God established these immutable laws of nature by which we must abide?.  When homo sapiens sapiens, primitive human beings, evolved in Africa about 50,000 years ago they gradually evolved consciousness, self-identity, language, then music, still later domestication of crops and animals and development of villages and towns.  How does this historical knowledge impact our teaching about original sin? Can we continue to historicize Adam and Eve and their preternatural life in a Garden of Eden which originated from biblical myths? Will the doctrine of original sin have to be rethought in the light of this evolutionary "Story?"


What does Nature teach us humans about how to live on our blue, green, brown planet Earth?


The evolutionary "Story" teaches us the importance of cooperation, community and ever increasing diversity as lived out by the atom and photon families in our vast Universe. Gravity, which has its origin in the divine love energy, binds all beings, including us humans, to each other. Nature teaches us that we are part of a community of beings, the air, water, soil, flora and fauna, including humans. This community provides indispensable sustenance for us, humans. Dare we contaminate and misuse our community members!               


Sincerely! Peace!


(Rev.) Edward J. Ruetz