The Love Story of Creation - Book One
by Edward Ruetz

Edward Ruetz, author of The Love Story of Creation: Book One: The Creative Adventures of God, Quarkie, Photie, and their Atom Friends
Edward J. Ruetz is a retired priest and a founding member of Earthworks, an Indiana ecological community since 1988. He currently lives in South Bend, Indiana where he presents workshops on the Universe and the scientific story of creation, and continues his interest in the evolution versus religion debate and social justice issues.

Edward Ruetz received a bachelors degree in business from the University of Notre Dame, a masters of social work from Loyola University in Chicago, and four years of theology from Catholic University in Washington, DC. He served two years in the US Army during the Korean Conflict. He worked five years in the business world and four years in social work. After ordination to the priesthood he served eleven years in three parishes, taught sociology for five years at Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, IN and served fifteen years as a pastoral care chaplain in two hospitals. In 1988 he was one of seven founding members of an ecological community, EARTHWORKS INC., Donaldson, IN. He served nine years on its Board and as head of the education committee which presented ecological programs for children and adults. In 1995 he became interested in the origin of living beings on planet Earth 3.6 billion years ago (bya). Out of this interest and extensive research he began writing a book on the scientific story of creation with the Godhead birthing forth the Universe in love, and then empowering quarks, photons, later, atoms and molecules, to create and evolve the Universe. As a Christian he saw the need to help youth and young adult Christians to realize that they can accept belief in evolution and God. He understands that their view of the Universe and spacetime today is so much different than the outdated view of their parents. Therefore, he is very interested in the ongoing debate between evolution and religion. For fifteen years he has given workshops with power point presentations to numerous groups on creation-centered  spirituality and the scientific story of creation with God birthing forth the Universe and empowering Nature to self-create our Universe and planet Earth. He is involved in social justice issues, such as universal health care, concern for poor and hungry of the whole world and the preservation of our beautiful planet through wise stewardship of the community of beings, the air, water, soil, flora and fauna for future generations of humans.